Iron On Clothing Labels

Our iron on name labels are very easy to apply. They will stay on in the wash. Apply on the school uniforms and other clothing items, your kids won't mix it up again.

2 types of iron on labels for you to choose from:

  • Vinyl Iron On Labels: Cheaper option with fast turnaround.
  • Woven Iron On Labels: More durable, lasting for lifetime.

Questions & Answers

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    It will typically be dispatched from our Brisbane office on the next business day.
    If you're in Australia, depending on the delivery address, the order may arrive from 2-14 days if you use ordinary postage. If you choose express postage, the order will arrive in approximately 1-4 business days after it's shipped.
    For shipments outside Australia, Please refer to the Australia Post website to find out the estimate delivery timeframe.
  • How can I remove the iron on clothing labels?
    The iron on labels are designed to be permanently attach on the garments. So it's a little bit hard to be peeled off.
    However, you can try the below 2 approaches:
    * Wash the garment with very hot water.
    * Use a hair dryer to blow on it. After heating it for a while, attempt to peel it off slowly.
    So if you plan to remove the labels in the future, we recommend to use our sew on clothing labels instead.
  • The iron on labels don't stick, what should I do?
    When the iron on labels are applied, there are 3 aspects need to be taken care of: heat, pressure and time. If these are done correctly, the labels should stick well. So please self-check using the below questions if it doesn't stick:
    * What temperature are you using? Increase it and try again.
    * Did you use the flat areas on the bottom of the iron to apply the labels? Some of the irons have lots of holes and indents at the bottom. They won't work as there is no heat or pressure under the holes.
    * Did you wait until the temperature light is off before apply on the second label? After the first label is applied, the temperature of the iron would drop, so you need to wait it to get hot again.
    * Did you use cold water wash?
    * After ironing the face of the label, you can turn the cloth inside out and iron the back of the label in order to make it stay better.
    If you still have issues with it, please contact the customer service for further assistance.

More Details:

Help your children get organised with Oz Labels

Lost items will be a thing of the past when you use our labels on your childrens’ possessions. Keep your items in check with our range of iron on labels. Mainly used for children and the elderly, these labels can be easily used and applied by all. This is a great way to establish ownership.

Create a personalised design and colour for your child. We offer a range of templates and sizes. Whether you want these for pre primary children or those in high school, OZ Labels has got it all covered. Our labels are 100% cotton thus being skin-friendly. Make your children organised by purchasing these iron-on labels.

Flaunt the ownership in style. These labels can be easily applied and get easily attached to the clothes. These labels do not even get lost in the dryer. Being waterproof and tough, the iron on labels is a perfect solution to prevent losing belongings.

The application has never been easier

Can’t thread a needle? No worries, OZ Labels has got your back. In just a few easy steps, you can get a brand new cute designed label done. All you need is heat resistant clothing material and iron.

  • Make sure the apparel is dry to the touch. An iron on the label does not stick to a damped cloth.
  • Peel iron on the clothing label from the backing paper and place it on the dry fabric with the text facing up.
  • Heat an iron to medium or high temperature.
  • Cover the label with the baking paper supplied.
  • Place the hot iron over the supplied baking paper and DO NOT MOVE. Keep it there for 10-20 seconds and press firmly.
  • Cool it off and peel off the baking paper. You are good to go.

Before using or giving it away to the children, just make sure the iron on the label has adhered properly.

Mark your clothes and belongings with iron on labels

These labels are bound to make your life easier. Just imagine the amount you will save for not replacing all the lost items!! Declare your territory by investing in just the correct brand of iron on labels.

  • The easiest way to organise clothes. Chuck out the age-old tradition of sew-on labels and treat yourself with these iron on labels. They are so easy to use that you’ll never go back.
  • Make it a one-time investment. Once you apply heat on the labels there is no turning back. These iron-on labels are specially developed to stand the test of time. So, they will stick strongly in the tumble dryer and last even after your child has grown out of the clothes.
  • Cost-effective. Its a one-time investment and it's done. Sit back and relax. No matter where, but the item if lost will come back to you.

Make your label making fun and easy. Check out our entire range of products and select from a wide array of colours, themes, and designs. Design a customised perfectly crafted iron on a label to make organising fun for your children.