Name Labels for School

Whether your children are studying in public school, private school, or boarding school, they always need to label the uniforms and stationery. So that they won't lose their items.

OZ Labels supplies custom name tags for school kids. Choose from a range of colours, icons and fonts to customise the stickers for kids. It includes stick-on labels to generate use, iron on and sew on labels for clothing, shoe labels, etc.

Note: For boarding school students, the school will do the laundry using industrial washing machine and dryer. So we highly recommend choosing either small woven labels or medium woven labels, as they will survive in all washing and drying conditions.

Questions & Answers

  • My son/daughter is going to a boarding school, which label is the best option?
    The boarding schools use commercial laundry and normally use hot water to wash, so we highly recommend to use sew on clothing labels.
    * Woven sew on labels are the best choice as they're more durable and will last for life time. The labels can can be reused on a new uniform as your children grow up.
    * The second option is the satin sew on labels, which are printed on quality satin ribbons.
    * Iron on labels are the bottom line for the commercial laundry use. Although it's not recommended with hot water wash, there are still many customers reported that the iron on labels were survived in the commercial laundry wash.
  • I'm a school teacher, I'm preparing the personalised gifts for my students in the class. I'd like to order the name labels on different name. I only need 1 label for each name. Can you supply this kind of labels for school?
    Yes, sure. We've a few different products which you can use as school labels and print different names.
    * Small Vinyl Die Cut Stickers with Multi-Names
    * Medium Vinyl Die Cut Stickers with Multi-Names
    * Household Pantry Labels: Colour and transparent labels in different sizes are available.
    Find out all the multi-names label sets.
    If the above doesn't suite your requirements, please feel free to contact us, we can always custom print the names for you in any size.
  • Can I print a school logo on the labels?
    Yes, we can custom print the school labels. Please contact us, along with your artwork, size of the labels and quantity. We'll reply with a quote on the labels for your school.

More Details:

Children often forget their belongings at their school or misplace their things like books, bags, lunch boxes, pencil cases etc. Since all children have similar things, it becomes difficult to differentiate between what truly belongs to your children and what doesn’t. Oz School Labels are designed just for this purpose of identification.

OZ Labels is a supplier of all kinds of labels including school labels in Australia. We manufacture customised labels for personal items for children, from uniforms to lunch boxes and water bottles. For schools, we can create one page of different labels for each student so that every student can label his or her objects for identification. Since the label shall have the name of every child, differentiating things shall be easy and there will be far less probability of kids losing their belongings at schools. For boarding schools, we can even design labels for uniforms, clothes, and other accessories.

Some of the great features of School Labels from OZ Labels are:

  • Various types of designs – We can design labels of any design containing a colour combination of your choice customised to print the name of every child. The label designs could also act as a tool for branding/marketing for your school. We ensure that the labels that we provide have shapes that fit kids' objects exactly. We use high-resolution printers to print the labels so that stickers are bright and colourful.
  • Waterproof/microwave proof – We are a premium quality school label supplier. We make sure that all our labels are waterproof, microwave proof, dishwasher-proof, or scratch-resistant so that the labels do not come off easily after a wash. We also offer school labels that have a UV light-cured clear coating if necessary for more durability. The labels are also heat resistant, thereby, can also be ironed.
  • Strong sticky adhesive – All the school labels supplied by OZ Labels use a super sticky high-quality adhesive that can fit various objects like metals, fabric as well as vinyl surfaces. Despite being super sticky, the technology used is such that school labels can be easily applied to different objects. Once school labels are correctly attached to an object it becomes difficult to remove even by rubbing.
  • Affordable – We are one of the lowest-cost suppliers of high-quality school labels. You can buy school labels directly from our website or can contact us to design customisable school labels.
  • Your Awesome School Name Label that Fits All

    If you are living in Sydney NSW, then School name labels won’t sound you a new idea rather it's been used here for decades. We all know that everyday children forget their sashes and ties in the classroom and school vans. The next day they try to take their lost items from their classmates in which case, a little bout is inevitable. If you are a parent, you know this struggle and have surely attend parent's teacher meetings on bullying cases that happen just because of a stolen tie or copy.

    School name labels on school uniforms save you from this embarrassment and also prove budget-friendly as you don’t have to buy things over again.

    Tailored School Name Labels in Sydney NSW with Multiple Features

    When you trust us, we never disappoint you! Our customised labels come in different styles with the child's name embroidered on it. Just sew or iron these labels on shirts, ties, and sashes and let them experience another level of ownership.

    It’s your choice to choose the full name of the school or just the abbreviation. High-quality colours and material are used to guarantee flawless quality while a big variety and types tailor the products as per your needs.

    We care about our customers and consider their benefit. That’s why the clothing labels can easily be removed from clothing and used for another cloth without ruining threads and texture.

    We welcome school logos along with the school name and are ready to add anything that improves identification and personalization. By having the school name along with the student name, your younger one will definitely recognise his stuff and won’t get involved in any fight over a small thing.

    Exciting Benefits of Buying School Name Labels

    If you are an inhabitant of Sydney NSW, then we have some amazing deals for you.

    • We access and adapt your range and strictly follow your demands.
    • High quality and individually tailored school labels.
    • Suitable for a range of different uses.
    • Hardwearing, UV proof, and scratch proof.
    • A variety of images and text styles are available.

    Our high degree of customer service coupled with super-fast delivery and free shipping leads to a high degree of customer satisfaction. It is no wonder that we are a popular choice for school labels for parents, boarding schools, and day schools. Call us now to know more.