Personalised Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles

Make your own unique lunch box and drink bottle, so you they won't lose again.

Main features for bento boxes:

  • BPA free
  • Leakproof
  • Main features for drink bottles:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Double walls to keep warm or cold
  • Questions & Answers

    • Is the personalised bento lunch box easy to wash?
      Yes, the bento box is assembled with a few parts: outer box, inner trays and removable lid seals. You can easily take out the inner trays and put in the dishwasher to have a deep clean. There is no unreached areas, so the other parts can be easily washed by hand.
    • Are the personalised bento lunch box containers leakproof?
      Yes, the lunch box has a removable lid seal. It is leakproof and can store salad sauce, ketchup, jam, etc. Please do not store fruit juice, soup and water.
    • Can I wash the bento lunch box in dishwasher?
      Our personalised bento lunch box contains 2 parts: the outer box and inner trays.
      The inner trays of the bento box can be washed in the dishwasher, while the outer box is recommended to be hand washed.

    More Details:

    Make your own unique lunch box and drink bottle, so you won't lose it again.

    Personalised lunch boxes and water bottles can help your kids in so many ways. Especially if you have school age kids who regularly forget to bring their stuff home. The labels help to easily identify their lunch box, bottles, bags and prevent them from getting lost. OZ Labels supplies a wide range of colourful and bright labels that are sure to mesmerise your kids with their brightness and help them to instantly recognise their supplies at school. Our creative and unique labels enhance the beauty of your supplies and give it a distinct edge. It allows them to stick out from the crowd.

    Another item which usually gets lost by most of the kids in the school is water bottles. Generally, it’s a good idea to put labels on your kid’s water bottle while you are labelling their lunch boxes. Along with lunch boxes, we also specialise in personalised water bottles. You can do so by labelling it with their favourite characters or colour on their water bottles.

    Here are some benefits of our Personalised Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles:

    • Prevents from losing supplies at schools and other premises
    • Children often forget their supplies at the school due to difficulty in identifying and recognising their supplies. You can definitely overcome this by getting personalised lunch boxes for your kid. Having name labels on a lunch box, water bottles, pencil box, school bags, etc can facilitate the identification of these objects and avoid losing them. Apart from the easy recognition of supplies by kids, name labels also aid teachers and caregivers to easily find your child's lunch box from the pool of lunch boxes. It can prevent losing the lunch box and save a lot of money in the end.

    • Attractive and flamboyant
    • Made with utmost precision our labels are embedded with vibrant colours and unique designs. The easy to identify design is sure to give your kid's lunch box the desired edge.

    • Customise labels
    • You can customise labels for your kid's lunch box, water bottles, and other school supplies with the required design and colour combination. Now let your child feel proud to own something that is specifically designed for him/her and carries their name with creative labels from OZ Labels.

    • Personal touch
    • Children love things when they have their names and initials printed on them. Adding a personal touch to their everyday supplies such as lunch boxes can make them happy and content. Therefore, you should definitely get personalised lunch boxes for your kid’s next school day.

    • Multiple uses
    • Our custom labels can easily serve a multitude of uses. They are dishwasher safe, sterile, and fade-resistant. They are suitable for a variety of surfaces and materials. They have a long shelf life. They remain intact and do not wear out even in extreme conditions. They are long-lasting and will not peel off easily.

    Why Use OZ Labels?

    OZ Labels supplies an array of designer and adorable labels made specifically with consideration of child psychology and behavioural patterns. We strive to introduce an array of custom and tailor-made labels that enhance the beauty of childrens’ supplies and attract them.

    We use the right combination of technical expertise and modern printing methods to achieve the utmost efficiency in every job that we do. At OZ Labels, we give utmost importance to the outcome and professional finish of our products. Our self-adhesive labels have an ergonomic design and are very easy to handle. Select your text, colour, and design and leave the rest to us.

    You can place your order for personalised water bottles and personalised lunch boxes at OZ labels today. Thousands of people across Australia have already done so.