Labels for Aged Care

Moving to aged care soon? Do you know that you need to label all your clothes so that they can be identified after laundry? Are you stressing not have enough time to get the labels? No worries. We can prepare and send your labels for aged care as fast as tomorrow. So that you can have relax and have enough time to label your clothes.

Here is a special picked list for elders who is going to nursing home or respite. It includes products from iron on, sew on, shoe labels to address stickers.

Questions & Answers

  • My family member is going to aged care, I need to label his (her) clothes, what is the best label for aged care?
    We highly recommend to use sew on clothing labels for garments washing in commercial laundry, like aged care, hospital and boarding school.
    * Woven sew on labels are the first choice as they're most durable and will last for life time.
    * The second option is the satin sew on labels, which are printed on quality satin ribbons.
    * The wrap & stick clothing stickers are durable and also easy to apply. Just peel, wrap and stick on the existing label tags.
    * Iron on labels are the bottom line for the commercial laundry use. Although it's not recommended with hot water wash, there are still many nursing homes use the iron on labels for their customers, as they're easier to apply.