Household Pantry Labels

The range of household labels aim to help keeping your home well organised.

Household Sticker Range

Super versatile labels pack. We print different name on each label for you, so that you won't get any unwanted labels. The labels can be used as pantry labels (kitchen labels), storage labels, bedroom drawer labels or anywhere you need to get things organised.

Address Labels

Available in two professional styles (clear and silver), these are great for return address labels, promotional purposes and more.

Questions & Answers

  • How long will the pantry labels last?
    Our custom pantry labels are made of quality waterproof vinyl. They will last for many years or even a life time. As feedback from the other customers, the labels still look new even after a few years.
  • Where can I use the household pantry labels?
    Our quality vinyl pantry labels are waterproof, freezer safe, dishwasher & microwave safe, UV resistant. So they can be used to organise the pantry, storage, dishes & mugs, bedroom drawers, garden tools, etc.

More Details:

Organise Your Kitchen With The Right Pantry Labels

Working in an organised kitchen can be relaxing and satisfying. But most people do not care about things that lie behind closed doors. For them, things that are out of sight are also out of mind. But once you keep things organised, you can feel the difference.

Even if you do not have much space for storage, you can make your kitchen cabinet to full potential by organising the things in it by using the right pantry labels. There will not be any anxiety about the clutter once you organise kitchen items with the right labels.

Oz Labels is the most popular name in Australia when it comes to pretty labels for the kitchen. We provide high-quality labels for organising your kitchen.

Pantry labels for a well-functioning and organised kitchen

Everybody dreams of having a well-functioning kitchen. But many people do not know how to get such an area to make their kitchen work easy. The first step to turn your kitchen well-functioning is to organise it properly. No doubt, the pantry is certainly the main storage area of your kitchen. If you do not make the pantry area organised, you find the rest of the area will also be chaotic. So, it can make your cooking stressful and less interesting.

Many people desire to reduce the chaos in their kitchen but do not know how to organise their pantry. They can follow some simple tips. Using the right labels for storage containers is an excellent way to be more organised.

With our pantry stickers, you can simply provide a list of your item names. We will help to you print the different names on each label. You just need to peel off the pantry labels and stick to the right containers. Your pantry will soon becomes neat, elegant and easy to use. Don't handwrite any more while you can easily get your list professionally printed on the pantry labels.