Wallpaper / Murals

Feel boring with your blank wall? Want to turn your kids room to a space shuttle? You can easily transform your wall into a special theme you like using our fabric wallpaper / murals.


  • Made from fine-weave fabric - A higher quality fabric than vinyl,
  • Removable - Changed your mind? Want to redecorate? These wallpaper are easy to remove and replace to another wall, no residue is left. It's rental friendly,
  • Repositionable - Peel off and reposition these wallpaper to make it align,

  • Paste free - Our wallpaper are with adhesive on the back. Simply peel and stick on the wall, no paste is needed, no mess.
  • Doesn’t stretch - These wallpaper / murals will retain their shape no matter how hard kids try to stretch them,
  • Doesn't tear - The wallpaper are make of fabric, it doesn't tear.
  • Natural texture - Matt natural texture, not gloss or smooth, you might not know it exists.
  • Can be applied to most flat, clean surfaces - And even some textured surfaces too!

Questions & Answers

  • Where are the wall decals printed and sent from?
    We're an Australian own business. All of our wall decals and wallpaper are proudly printed and sent from our Sydney office in Australia.