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Animal World Map Wall Stickers / Wallpaper / Murals

SKU: W137

Show your kids where you're living on the earth and where are the animals living around. Your children will start loving science.

The wall stickers are made of quality fine-weave removable fabric, not a PVC product. So it's environment friendly and safe for nursery room. It's easy to peel and stick on the wall to decorate the children's room.

The animal world map wall sticker includes 1 large piece of world map. Multiple sizes are available. They can be used as wall stickers or cover the whole wall as wallpaper or mural.

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Preparing The Wall
Wipe the wall dry and clean. Make sure to remove the grease before applying the labels. If the wall is newly painted, please wait for at least 4 weeks to outgas before applying the wallpaper.

Instructions for Wall Sticker (less than 65cm in width):
Just peel off the stickers from the backing sheet and stick on the wall.

Instructions for Wallpaper / Murals (greater than 65cm in width):
  • Place every piece of labels on a clean table and arrange the ordering.
  • Put the first panel on the table with face down. Peel off the backing paper from the top down to around 20cm, and fold it back.
  • Climb up the ladder, stick the top parts of the wallpaper on the wall and let the rest fall down naturally.
  • Pulling the backing paper down from behind.
  • Adjust the position of the wallpaper and make it align on the side. Our wallpaper is removable, so it's fine to peel them off and stick again.
  • After the first panel is applied properly, repeat the previous operations on the rest of panels one by one. Each panel has been cut to align, no overlap is needed.
  • After all the panels are stuck on the wall and aligned, you can use a sharp knife to trim the excess off.
  • Shipping Details

    Ship within Australia:
  • $12.00 for track mail
  • $16.00 for express mail

  • Ship outside Australia:
  • $20.00 sending to global

  • Turnaround:
    Order will be dispatched in 24 hours, unless it is mentioned at the shopping cart page or something unpredictable happens.
    Woven labels will takes about 2 weeks time for production.
    If order includes woven labels and other products, we will split the shipment. The second shipment will be sent by ordinary post.

    Questions & Answers

    • Where are the wall decals printed and sent from?
      We're an Australian own business. All of our wall decals and wallpaper are proudly printed and sent from our Sydney office in Australia.