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Large Die Cut Iron-on Transfer Letter Labels, Multi-Names

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Want to make a jersey for the members in the group, with individual numbers and names on them? With this product, you can create a list of names and make a die cut iron on transfer for each name.

Our die cutting gift labels are flexible, easy to order and use. These small colour vinyl decals are lettering diecut without background. They're waterproof, can be applied on drink water bottle for school and any other items with smooth surface.

You can enter a list of names, so that we can make them for you, one label for each name.

  • Maximum size: 250mm (9.8") long, 80mm (3.1") height (May vary due to stylisation choices)
  • Max 25 characters
  • Different names per label

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3. Select Font:
4. Select Names:
Please enter one name on each line.

Would you like to print the same font size across all the names, or let the system adjust the font size to fit each label?




Iron On Letter Label Instructions:

Labels can be applied to most iron-able fabrics. Before applying the labels, please find a flat area for the label to be applied to. If it's for a bag, you can put cardboard underneath in order to make the iron on areas flat.

1. Place a letter label on the garment or bag with the clear backing on top.
3. Preheat the dry iron temperature to wool or cotton (150C to 180C), press firmly for 15-20 seconds.
4. Repeat as needed to ensure the label is firmly applied and not lifting at any point.
5. Remove the backing after it cools down, with the name left on the material. Wait for at least 24 hours before washing the garment.

  • Do not iron the label for too long if not sure. The temperature and amount of time required are subject to the fabric.
  • Use a dry iron. If it's a steam iron, don't put any water. Make sure to avoid placing the steam holes on top of the labels as there is no heat or pressure under the holes.
  • Firmly press the iron on top of the labels.
  • Before applying the second label, make sure to wait until the temperature light on the iron is off. Otherwise, the iron might not be hot enough.
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  • Ship outside Australia:
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  • Turnaround:
    Order will be dispatched in 24 hours, unless it is mentioned at the shopping cart page or something unpredictable happens.
    Woven labels will takes about 2 weeks time for production.
    If order includes woven labels and other products, we will split the shipment. The second shipment will be sent by ordinary post.