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Small Iron-on Labels, Multi-Names

pack of 35
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Do you want to save money by sharing the iron-on labels package for your children. Do you want to print a list of names for your class students or group members? With the multi-names small iron-on labels, you can different names on each labels.

Labels are machine-washable and dryer-safe.

Special features:

  • Round corners (designed to prevent peeling)
  • Machine washable and dryer safe - 12 month guarantee
  • Easy to read print on white background


  • 8mm x 60mm (0.3" x 2.4")
  • Max 1 line of print, 25 characters per line
  • Multiple-names on each label. But they have to be the same font & colour for all the labels

If you'd like to print with the same name, please visit small iron on labels.

1. Select Quantity:
2. Select Colour:
3. Select Font:
4. Enter Name:
Please enter one name on each line.



Iron On Label Instructions

Labels can be applied to most iron-able fabrics.

1. Peel off a label and place it on the garment with name side facing up.
2. Put a piece of quality baking paper supplied over the label.
3. Preheat the dry iron temperature to wool or cotton, press firmly for 10-20 seconds.
4. Repeat as needed to ensure the label is firmly applied and not lifting at any point.
5. Remove the paper after it cools down. Wait for at least 3 hours before washing the garment.

  • Do not iron the label for too long if not sure. The temperature and amount of time required are subject to the fabric.
  • Use a dry iron. If it's a steam iron, don't put any water. Make sure to avoid putting the steam holes on top of the labels as there is no heat or pressure under the holes.
  • Firmly press the iron on top of the labels.
  • Before applying the second labels, make sure to wait until the temperature light on the iron is off. Otherwise, the iron might not be hot enough.
  • After ironing the face of the label, you can turn the cloth inside out and iron on the back of the label in order to make it stay better.
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    Ship within Australia:
  • FREE for ordinary post
  • $2.00 for tracking post
  • $8.00 for express post

  • Ship outside Australia:
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  • Turnaround:
    Order will be dispatched in 24 hours, unless it is mentioned at the shopping cart page or something unpredictable happens.
    Woven labels will takes about 2 weeks time for production.
    If order includes woven labels and other products, we will split the shipment. The second shipment will be sent by ordinary post.

    Questions & Answers

    • How can I remove the iron on clothing labels?
      The iron on labels are designed to be permanently attach on the garments. So it's a little bit hard to be peeled off.
      However, you can try the below 2 approaches:
      * Wash the garment with very hot water.
      * Use a hair dryer to blow on it. After heating it for a while, attempt to peel it off slowly.
      So if you plan to remove the labels in the future, we recommend to use our sew on clothing labels instead.
    • The iron on labels don't stick, what should I do?
      When the iron on labels are applied, there are 3 aspects need to be taken care of: heat, pressure and time. If these are done correctly, the labels should stick well. So please self-check using the below questions if it doesn't stick:
      * What temperature are you using? Increase it and try again.
      * Did you use the flat areas on the bottom of the iron to apply the labels? Some of the irons have lots of holes and indents at the bottom. They won't work as there is no heat or pressure under the holes.
      * Did you wait until the temperature light is off before apply on the second label? After the first label is applied, the temperature of the iron would drop, so you need to wait it to get hot again.
      * Did you use cold water wash?
      * After ironing the face of the label, you can turn the cloth inside out and iron the back of the label in order to make it stay better.
      If you still have issues with it, please contact the customer service for further assistance.