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Sew and Iron On Clothing Name Labels

Sick of re-buying expensive pieces of clothing such as school uniforms, blazers and sportswear? Oz Labels' name tags for clothes are perfect for naming your child's items to make sure they won't return in the wrong clothes again!

Compare the different kinds of clothing labels for Sydney customers and families across Australia below:


Iron-on name labels

Satin Sew-on labels

Clothing Stick-on labels

Woven Sew On labels

Made Of Vinyl Satin ribbon Vinyl Woven fabric
Adhesive Back No No Yes No
Application Iron on Sew on Stick on Sew on
Suitable For Cotton, polyester and most synthetic fabrics. NOT for nylon. All fabrics Apply on care tags and polyester for non-frequently wash items, like caps, scarves & bags. Or apply on cotton fabric for temporarily use. All fabrics
Advantages Easy to apply, available in colour printing Work for all garments, industrial washing machine safe Easy to apply, available in colour printing Work for all garments, industrial washing machine safe
Sizes Available Small (8mm*60mm) and medium (15mm*60mm) Small (15mm*50mm), medium (15mm*70mm) and Large (35mm*70mm) Standard (15mm*30mm) Small (15mm*50mm) and medium (25mm*70mm)
More Details:

A great range of clothing labels to suit a range of requirements

Three types of clothing tags are available to fit all of your requirements, ensuring no more visits to lost property! Lost, stolen, or inadvertently swapped clothing can be expensive if it is happening a lot. Help your kids know what shirt or jacket to grab when they're leaving school. We offer a wide variety of distinctive designs to ensure theirs stand out.

Choose from iron or sew on, as well as self-adhesive clothing labels

We offer iron on name labels for clothes which are easy to apply and are ideal for uniforms, jumpers and shirts. Iron on labels mean you don't need any skills with a needle and thread. Made from a polyester material with an adhesive back activated by heat, they stay on in the wash and the dryer.

Sew on labels are not only great for personalising your child's belongings for school, day care or nursery, but also for grandparents going to respite care or nursing home. Sew on labels and name tags can be applied to sports gear, book bags and any other possessions to ensure they won't be lost. Sew on name labels for clothes, towels and PE kits are made using the highest quality materials and remain colourfast and shrink-proof no matter how many times you wash them.

Stick on name tags is the easiest way to personalise your child's items. It's better for the non-frequently wash items, like hats, bags. Identifying your possessions was never better and simpler.

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