Versatile and Durable Stick On Labels and Name Stickers

Bags, sports kits, lunch boxes and books - you name it, we can personalise it! We are Australia's leading provider of quality name stickers and labels. For an easy, affordable way of identifying your kids' possessions to ensure they come home from school, nursery or trips with their own gear, browse our selection below.

Thanks to our range, you won't have to worry about name labels fading or falling off. Our high-quality adhesive name labels are specially designed to last, featuring:

  • Rounded corners to prevent peeling
  • UV resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher resistant
  • Microwave safe
More Details:

High quality name stickers for a wide range of uses

Colourful, cute and durable, our huge range of adhesive vinyl name stickers are perfect for all types of smooth surfaces such as kids' lunch boxes, drink bottles, toys, shoes, stationery, shoes, clothing and other personal items.

Printed on high quality vinyl, you can expect top performance, no matter how you use them. Our huge collection can be applied to clothing and many different items, which means you can identify just about anything your child owns even if it's mixed up with lots of other kids' belongings.

Available in a wide range of sizes, colours, fonts and designs, our stick on labels appeal to kids and adhere to most surfaces including plastic, fabric, metal and paper. Satin name stickers are ideal for clothing whilst our vinyl stick on name labels can be used on whatever you need.

Colourful stick on labels to make everything more fun for the kids

Self-adhere your brand new stickers to your kids' belongings to ensure there are no more trips to lost property. Kids will love our fun, vibrant colours and designs and are the perfect back-to-school gift. Shop online today.

For your benefit we offer free standard shipping within Australia. We also offer free express post shipping for any order within Australia that's over $100.

Speak with us today to find out more

Further to our fantastic vinyl stick on labels, we also offer iron on options and much more. If you have any further questions about any of our products, please speak to us on 1800 199 168 or send us an email. We also offer an online enquiry form for your convenience.

Our experience working with kids' labels, and all other varieties, is extensive, and as a result our products are the best of quality and the abundance of positive customer feedback reflects that.