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Pirate Ship Wall Stickers

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SKU: W116

Decorate the boy's room with the pirate ship. He will become a captain and lead you find the treasures.

The wall stickers are made of quality fine-weave removable fabric. It's easy to peel and stick on the wall to decorate the children's room.

The Pirate Ship wall stickers set includes 1 pirate boat, 3 pirates, 1 treasure map, 1 treasure box, 1 cannon, 1 anchor, 1 ship steering wheel, ocean waves and other accessories.

Please refer to the product images for the decal sizes.



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    Questions & Answers

    • Does the wall stickers damage my walls?
      No, our wall stickers use a patented low-tack adhesive. It can stick on the wall pretty well, but won't damage the paint when it's peeled off. Even it has been on the wall for a few years, it can still be removed easily.