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Snap On Electronic Kit, 198-in-1


This electronic kit includes a whopping 198 experiments for you to explore! Using a unique baseboard and a snap together system, you are free to investigate the world of electronics without any tools, soldering or experience. This means that people of all ages can join in on the fun! Follow the guides to create mechanisms such as light sensitive alarm clocks, an electronic birthday candle, an electric organ and many more. Develop and master your ability around the kit and see if you can make something new. With your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

  • Snap on, no tools required
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Includes a total of 198 experiments: variable speed electric fan, FM radio, magnet-controlled polic wagon, magnet-controlled alterating light and other interesting projects.
  • Instruction book is included.
  • Require 2 or 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.
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