Cloth Patch - Skull


Stop throwing away old clothes and bags! Instead use this embroidered skull cloth patch to transform the piece. It can also be used to cover up holes or stains. Made out of quality embroidered fabric, it is very durable and can also be both ironed or sewn onto you garments.

  • Design: skull
  • Made of quality embroidered fabric to ensure it's durable
  • With gum on the back, which melts with heats
  • Could be iron or sew on the garment
  • Size: 6cm x 7.5cm



Shipping Details

Ship within Australia:
  • $5.00 for track mail
  • $9.00 for express mail
  • $2.50 for ordinary mail
  • FREE for free ordinary mail

  • Ship outside Australia:
  • $9.00 sending to global

  • Turnaround:
    Order will be dispatched in 24 hours, unless it is mentioned at the shopping cart page or something unpredictable happens.
    Woven labels will takes about 2 weeks time for production.
    If order includes woven labels and other products, we will split the shipment. The second shipment will be sent by ordinary post.