5 Activities for Kids of All Ages to Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day activities

Here are five easy Earth Day activities you can do with kids this April 22nd to instill a love of nature and the environment in them.

Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of our wonderful planet that takes place every year on April 22nd. It’s also a terrific way to remind us all of the need to promote environmental consciousness through conservation and recycling.

When we teach our kids about environmental stewardship, carbon footprint reduction, and global warming mitigation at a young age, we want to make sure that Mother Earth stays healthy and vibrant for future generations to enjoy.

1. Take an Earth Day nature walk.

Choose a local park with a decent trail and have a fun day in the great outdoors.

Allow your children to explore objects that attract their attention, or urge them to touch bark, feel rocks in their hands, compare and contrast different leaves, or go bug hunting. One of the best sensory play ideas is to go outside and touch the environment.

Your youngsters may choose to bring a notebook with them to record their observations or draw illustrations of what they see. When you explore Mother Nature, there is so much to do.

But don’t forget to carry lots of sunscreens, insect repellent, and water.

Earth Day activities for kids

2. On Earth Day, visit a recycling facility or a landfill.

In honor of Earth Day, take your kids to a local landfill to see where all the rubbish goes and ask them what the dump will look like in five years. Every year, 139.6 tons of rubbish are dumped in landfills in the United States alone.

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Encourage children to learn about the water cycle and how a single drop of water from the sky can make a magical journey to benefit our globe, but it requires our environmental stewardship to preserve nature’s beauty.

More Information about Water Pollution

Landfills can potentially pollute the water supply.

Encourage children to learn about the water cycle and how a single drop of water from the sky can make a magical journey to benefit our globe, but it requires our environmental stewardship to preserve nature’s beauty.

More Information on Recycling

The necessity of teaching our children the Three R’sReduce, Reuse, and Recycleis critical.

Show them the recycle icon on your household packaging and educate them on where to deposit recyclable packages.

Take a tour of a recycling facility in your area.

Earth Day activities recycle

3. Celebrate Earth Day by creating recycled art projects.

Easy Earth Day projects are among my children’s favorite activities for Earth Day. Use the concept of recycling to create something spectacular with your entire family.

Go through your recycle bin for some clean packing material and ask your kids to come up with creative ideas to use it for an art project:

  • What can you do with cereal boxes made of cardboard?
  • Magazines from the past?
  • What about bottles made of plastic?

Your kids might just astound you with their inventiveness! Oh, and making things with your hands is great for improving coordination and fine motor skills in kids of all ages.

We also turned the newspaper into a pulp and used it to make animal figures by pressing it into cookie cutters.

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4. Choose and read your favorite Earth Daybook.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to visit your local library and check out some of your favorite environmental literature. There are many books with an Earth Day theme, such as the fauna that your child encounters on a regular basis in your neighborhood, such as birds and bugs.

The animals that live in the natural world around your kids can help your kids learn how to recognize them.

  • What are the hues of these creatures?
  • What kind of noises do they make?
  • Assist them in recognizing the creature’s tracks or slime trails.
  • Fur, feathers, or a hard shell—what texture does the creature have?
  • Reading to your children about endangered species is a great way to start.
  • Take them to the zoo to get a closer look at the animals.

5. On Earth Day, plant a seed or feed the birds.

Plant a seed or do something else at home to help nourish the Earth. As simple as it may appear, it may be a significant Earth Day activity that your children will remember all year.

Planting is a simple activity that you may do.

Planting is a breeze. Seeds can be found at a local nursery or even a bargain store.

Pay attention to the seed’s recommended planting time, depth in the soil, and other details. Allow the kids to plant the seed in the dirt.

Teach children about the importance of soil, water, and sunlight to plants.

As soon as the earth begins to dry, remind them to water their plants.

Bird Feeding

You can also attract birds to your yard by putting out birdseed. This is a lot of fun for kids to watch.

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Assist children in learning to recognize the various sorts of birds that visit your yard. Set up feeders throughout your yard with a variety of seeds, bread, and fruit.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! What were your favorite Earth Day activities?

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