Group Offers

Don't want to be a fundraiser, simply like to apply for a discount for your school or organisation? This is the right place. It's easy to apply and get a group discount. Optionally, you can get more discount and other benefits in the future.

What do I get with the group offers program?

  • Group Discount - You will get a group discount of 10% for all orders using the code we provide.
  • Bonus Discount - Simply add a qualified link to us on your website, then you can have bonus 5% discount on your orders. Details can be found after you login to your account page.
  • More Discount? - Yes! If the accumulated amount of your orders is over $1,000 in the last 365 days, you can talk to us and bargain a better discount rate. The more you order, the more discount you can get.
  • Sponsorship - When your school or organisation runs a fundraising party or event, you may request for a sponsorship. Just talk to us, we can provide some gift vouchers as the prizes or gifts.
  • More - Contact us if you'd like some special offers to your group.

How Does It Work?

Group Offers Program Application Step 1 - Fill in the Form Step 1: Fill in the registration form.
Group Offers Program Application Step 2 - Receive discount code Step 2: Receive a unique code and url for your group.
Group Offers Program Application Step 3 - Place orders using the code Step 3: Direct the group members to our website using your url, or enter your group code while placing an order, they will get a discount on the order straight away. Alternatively, ask the group members to fill in a brochure with your code and post it back to us.

How to register the group offers?

Fill in and submit the form on this page, you will be contacted if further information is needed. Otherwise, you will receive our email or starter kit by post within 2 weeks.

Alternative programs for group?

You can also either apply to become a fundraiser or simply request some brochures instead.

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