While Renting, Here Are 5 Ways To Customise A Nursery.

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When you rent an apartment or a house, you’re often limited in what you may put on your walls. When pondering ways to make your nursery feel customised while still adhering to your landlord’s requirements, you’ll need to be inventive.

Here are some simple and fun ways to liven up your basic white walls.

1. Custom Canvas Art

Canvas prints are a lovely way to hang images on the wall. They have a higher quality and pop more than a conventional framed image. You can have your own artwork printed, utilize your favorite prenatal photography, or have a picture of your kid when they are just born. Sizes range from a little accent piece to huge enough to be the focal point of a wall.


2. Personalise Your Furniture

Make your nursery’s furniture more colorful and unique. You don’t have to acquire the most up-to-date furnishings to create a one-of-a-kind nursery! Find suitable items at garage sales and thrift stores and make them your own. You can do this using paint, or you can buy cute little decals to put on your furniture for a less permanent option. A set of butterflies or ladybugs, for example, can be added to a dresser. This keeps your room’s motif consistent throughout the furniture. Hand-making a blanket or comforter is another option to personalize your furnishings. It offers a unique touch and can be preserved for a long period of time.


3. Add Personal Touches

Use stuff from your childhood to adorn your nursery instead of buying new goods! Do you still have your beloved teddy bear or doll? What better way to customise your child’s nursery than to include some of your own childhood memories? Even placing your own baby picture next to your new baby is a beautiful and affordable way to add some style!

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4. Use Wall Decals

Using wall decals, you can quickly add individual touches to your walls! They’re ideal for renting because nothing is left behind and there are no nail holes to deal with! Having child-friendly and appealing wall stickers in your home might be a plus. It not only improves the overall aesthetic aspect of their room, but it also piques the children’s attention. It has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room, as well as improve its beauty.


5. Accent Colors

White walls may appear dull, but they provide you with a blank canvas on which to paint! To set the ambiance of the area, mix in some other colors with the white walls. To create a cheery, gender-neutral space, you don’t need yellow walls. Paint the furniture, add wall decals, canvases, and frames to the walls, and choose bedding you like, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind nursery! It’s all about being resourceful!



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