Tips to Improve Your Kid’s Handwriting

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Tips to Improve Your Kid’s HandwritingFor lots of parents the handwriting of their kid is a major concern. They hear complains from the teachers that kids’ writings are not understandable. Sometimes, it is just lack of practice or willingness to write, which can be handled very easily. For some kids it is a serious psychomotor disease called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Whatever be the reason, there are some common techniques that bring out better results.


  • Check if your kid can grip the pencil well. The right holding is using 3 fingers: thumb, index finger and middle finger.
  • You can give him pencils of other lengths and textures to make sure that the pencil type is not the main problem.
  • Make sure kids always use lined paper to write, with the capital letters ranging from the bottom to the top of the line and the small letters sitting on the bottom line.
  • If your kid writes too fast ask him to slow down and concentrate on each letter.
  • Give them alphabets written with good handwriting as reference and ask them to write over them several times, following strictly the lines.
  • Encourage writing anyway, not always on paper but also on uncommon platforms like foggy mirror or sand or mud.
  • Try to narrow down the problem area. Is it formation of letters or maintaining uniformity of size or keeping the lines? Once you locate that, work on that particular area more.
  • Put emphasis on practicing and make him enjoy writing. He shouldn’t be discouraged by his own writing.
  • You can look for online tools to support your kid in improving handwriting.
  • Stress on the letters that look similar (b,d or l,i, or v,w ) and are most frequently used (s,m,r) than on those rarely used (z,q).
  • While your kid is writing a letter, give him instructions verbally on how to form the letter.
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After using all these techniques, if there is no noticeable improvement, you should seek professional help.


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