How to Start a Fundraising Project

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How to start a fundraising project


Fundraisers are a big part of school life, and can be a huge amount of fun. It’s a great way to raise money for a good cause while also getting out amongst your community and talking to people, sharing experiences, and giving them something worthwhile in return for their help! It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re supported by your community, and at Oz Labels we love a good fundraiser as much as the next person. Whether it’s for your little kids’ soccer team or for their high school formal, if you’re not sure how to get started with fundraising we’re here to help.


1. Work out a plan

Before you begin thinking of different ways you can fundraise, you should work out a plan. This will include how much money you’re hoping to raise, a timeframe by which you plan to raise the money, and who you will be employing to help you with the fundraiser. Will you be doing this all on your own or are you partnering up with other parents? Do you need the money in a few months or in a few weeks? How many people do you intend to reach out for the fundraiser? Will that reach your goal in time?


2. Find a platform

These days there are multiple platforms for fundraising, both on and offline. If you decide to do an online fundraiser, using sites such as GoFundMe, you should consider how you will be marketing your fundraiser and getting the word out there. Will you just share it on social networking sites or elsewhere? If you’re planning to do your fundraiser offline, consider what kind of fundraiser you’d like to organise. Will you be hosting an event, where guests have to pay tickets that go towards your funds? Or will you perhaps have a community BBQ? Or maybe you’ll make use of a fundraising program, where a business can offer you to sell their products for a commission? Find your platform, and ensure it works well with the plan you drew up in Step 1.

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3. Raise those funds!

Now with your chosen platform in mind, get together with your team (or work independently if you’re running the fundraiser alone), and make a detailed plan for the execution of the fundraiser. If it’s happening on one specific day, make sure to get invitations out early to get a good enough turnout to help raise the amount you need. If you’re planning on selling products to people at a commission, consider who you will enlist to help you. Perhaps your kids could sell some products at school, or go door-to-door through the neighbourhood. Whatever you’ve decided on doing, make sure you remain cordial, friendly, and warm. Fundraisers aren’t about being pushy, and if you’re encouraging people to donate towards your cause you’d better do it with a smile on your face!


Oz Labels fundraising program

Might we suggest a fantastic fundraising program, if we do say so ourselves? At Oz Labels we’re here and ready to help you raise money for whatever cause is important to you. With our fundraising program you will not only be enriching people’s lives with the beauty of organisation, but also raising funds while you’re at it! So why not sell some labels to raise some money this year? We offer up to 25% commission for our fundraisers, and you can adjust this rate anytime to allow for discounts and promotions. That means you get to run the fundraiser however you’d like to! We’ve got a massive range of products, colours, and labels to choose from, and we ship within 24 hours. Best of all, it’s super easy to register. Just fill out the form on our site and we’ll send you a fundraising kit with a unique code that your customers can enter upon checkout. It could possibly be the easiest way to fundraise ever! Get started here.

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