How to Start Your Own Clothing Label

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So you’ve been feeling like starting a creative project lately, and you want to start your own clothing label. Good choice! Having your own clothing label is a great way to express yourself and create items of value that you feel represent who you are. A lot of people might think it’s too difficult or time consuming to start their own label, but that’s not true! Everything takes a bit of work, and the work always pays off in the end. Thanks to the world of e-Commerce and the internet, it’s easy to set up your own online store and start marketing yourself online. Whether you’re making clothing for others or just for yourself, we’ve got a guide to get you started on your path.


1. Find a focus

If you want your clothing label to gain a following, you’ll have to find a niche in which it fits. Are you making clothes for active women? Businessmen? Arty, creative spirits? Is it for an older or younger crowd? Finding your focus will help you limit your creativity so that you can spend more time working on pieces that are higher quality and in line with your vision. It can be easy to get carried away with fun designs that won’t work in reality at all, so finding a focus will stop your ideas from getting too outrageous!


2. Decide how your clothing will be produced

If your clothing label will mainly feature items like t-shirts, jumpers, and hats, you can easily find a fabric printer to help make your designs a reality. Simply send them your designs, choose the garment you’d like your designs to be printed on, and they’ll do the rest of the work. If you’d rather start from scratch and sew your clothes yourself, find a good fabric store that has plenty of options for materials. Ask the store about possibly getting a discount for bulk purchases.

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If you’re feeling a little more creative, why not go down to a thrift store and buy some cheap clothing that appeals to you, take them home, and personalise to your taste? You can turn long dresses into shorter dresses or into shirts, pants into shorts, or sew labels onto denim jackets or jeans to create a funky look.


3. Create a design or logo

If you’ve decided to mass print t-shirts, caps, jumpers, and so on, create your design on the computer or on a piece of paper and scan. If you’re not quite the designer you fancied yourself to be, why not hire a graphic designer from a website such as Fiverr? You can send them a brief describing what you’d like your design to look like and they can turn it into a reality.


4. Get your own clothing labels

Any self respecting fashion designer would have their own clothing labels, and you’re no different. Let your clothes stand out from the others and carry your personal brand with them. At Oz Labels we have both iron-on labels for easy application as well as satin sew-on labels for a more luxurious look. You’ve worked hard on these clothes and you want to make sure they carry your name!


5. Start selling

If you’ve decided you want to make clothing for yourself only, then stop reading here. If you’d like to get your business kick started then let’s get to it! You have two options for getting your clothing out there. The first is to hold a small stall at a local flea market. You can create a collection of clothing in advance and sell them at the markets. You’ll get the attention of all the passers by and won’t have to work on marketing yourself as hard. However, you will have to invest a bit of money beforehand in creating all your items.

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Your other option is to open a store online, such as Big Cartel. You can personalise the website to reflect the attitude and personality of your brand, and easily link and share it with your friends. You will have to work on marketing your site, however, if you’d like to sell more clothes. You can market through Instagram, Pinterest, and other websites. Selling online means you can work on an order by order basis, custom creating clothing so that you don’t have any excess stock lying around.


So there we have it! Not so hard, is it? Creating your own clothing label is rewarding, fun, and lets out all that creative energy a lot of us have built up. And who knows? You could be Australia’s next biggest fashion designer!


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