Simple Wall Art Gallery Ideas for Your Home

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When you look out at a blank wall or an unpleasant space — the region above a staircase, a strange hallway corner, all this space around your TV— you can feel scared by designing a house galls and you have no clue how you could decorate it. Meanwhile, on Pinterest and Instagram, you have probably seen hundreds of wall ideas, and yet it feels as if nothing will work in your environment. It seems.

It takes time and patience to join a gallery wall. Whether a wall full of family photos or a display of adorable wall arts capturing your love of animals, home-gallery walls take healing, planning, measurement, and design. But where should I begin?

How do you put together a gallery wall?

Consider the room and space you’re dealing with before deciding how to adorn large blank walls. Is it the bare wall above your bed or a strange corner? This can help you decide how many art pieces and wall decor ideas you’ll need for the space.

Choose a Theme (Or Not)

Next, consider the subject matter and color palette for your gallery wall. Eclectic gallery walls are entertaining and unusual if you have a huge collection of mismatched wall art. However, it can also be wonderful to construct a thematic gallery wall with a through-line that connects all of the pieces. (We adore themed gallery walls for folks who want to show off a specific passion, activity, or collection.) This may be a general theme, such as rustic-inspired artwork, or it could be a bit more literal, such as an animal art gallery wall. A theme can even be as basic as selecting a color scheme—for example, a collection of black-and-white photographs or a series of paintings.

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Finally, think about the layout of your gallery wall. Do you prefer the neat look of a row or grid of frames, or do you prefer the idea of a mix-and-match arrangement made up of various paintings put haphazardly? There is no right or wrong answer, but alternative layouts will undoubtedly offer your gallery wall a different vibe.

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