Proper Tips for Rugs and Carpet Cleaning Care

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Life Saver Tips for Carpet Cleaning


Cleaning carpets usually involve dust the living daylights out of it. However, you are often left feeling like it was not enough. Still no pet hair in the fibers and tiny particles of dust – plus the musty odor that will not go away.

It’s time to start cleaning in an easier way, but more efficient. The best practice to keep the carpet clean is always to have a regular maintenance routine. While most of us tend to rely on professional carpet cleaners for carpet cleaning, we fail to understand there are certain steps that can increase endurance for their carpets and rugs.

Here are the following tips to keep rugs and carpet cleaning care:


Different treatments for different materials

Maintenance and cleaning of your carpets and rugs will depend on the material from which they are made. Wool carpets require frequent dust, avoiding the use of a rotary brush. Ammonia and highly alkaline cleaners should not be used because of possible damage to wool. Synthetic carpets and rugs can be vacuumed using a paddle brush to remove grit. A steam cleaner can be used to remove dirt and debris trapped in the fibers.


Vacuum High-Traffic Areas Often

High traffic areas prone to stains. You may want to pay special attention to the family room, entry doors, the room leading to the kitchen and pet area. This means that the dust every day to continuously keep dirt at bay.


Air Them Out

Dust collects in carpets and rugs from time to time. This is unhealthy and can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Airing out your carpet often is an important home maintenance task. Dust will not be the best choice because they tend to send dust into the air. fresh air and sunlight will kill all the bacteria and remove dust particles.

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Use Pads under Area Rugs

Some people prefer to use accent rugs on the wall-to-wall carpeting. While useful in many cases, do not forget to use a rug pad under your carpet to avoid two major challenges: the carpet-surface erosion and dye transfer.


Use High-Quality Vacuum

Using a high-quality vacuum plays an important role in keeping your carpets and rugs in neat. Vacuum cleaners are not all the same and you may want to choose high-quality products to avoid damage frustrating when you put in the extra effort in caring for your carpet. A vacuum cleaner will be very durable quality, effective, and efficient.


Regular Rearrange Furniture

Furniture positioning significantly affects the rate of wear on carpets and rugs. Chairs and sofa strategically placed in permanent positions naturally cause of foot traffic and the dirt pattern is mainly characterized by normal wear and tear pet. Furniture legs can also damage the carpet if not shifted periodically.


Cleaning carpet should not be stressful or expensive. Using hacks to find a smarter way around certain tasks can be very beneficial.


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