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Offering a Discount to Your Clients – New Features to Our Fundraising Program

New Features on OzLabels Fundraising Program

We were often asked a question: how can we encourage the parents to enter the fundraiser code when placing an order? Here is the answer: you can offer them a good discount.

Recently, we have a few amazing changes to our fundraising program:

* Higher Commission Rates: You can set your own commission rates and make it up to 25%.

* Discount for Your Orders: Setup a discount for your orders, so that you can keep the royalty of your clients.

* Your Own Link: Provide the below link to your clients, and your fundraiser code will be filled in automatically. Fundraiser Code)

* Bonus Discount: A 5% bonus discount is offered to your orders until 29 Feb 2016.

And what else drives you to choose Oz Labels?

* Fastest Delivery in the Market: Your labels will be printed and dispatched on the next business day or even on the same day you place the order. On one can beat our speedy services.

* Best Quality: We are so confident with our products that we guarantee money back to customer if not satisfied.

* Check Your Order Online Anytime: Login to our website to keep track of your orders and payments.

* Flexible Options: Either place an order online or send back the order form by post, you can choose a best way to suite you and your clients.

* More Choices: Wide range of products, colours and icons choice means there’s always something for everyone!

So Register to our fundraiser program and start funding to your child care, school, organisation or even yourself now. Alternatively, call us on 1800 199 168 to ask more information.