Lunchbox Ideas for Mums and Kiddos

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Packing kids’ school lunchboxes every day and looking to switch things up a bit? Want your kids to eat healthier, more nutritious food that doesn’t come in a wrapper? We know how tiring it can get to make the same quick meals all the time, so over at Oz Labels we’ve scoured the internet for some lunchbox ideas to help make both packing and eating lunch more interesting. Who knew there’d be more to a lunchbox than just juice boxes and muesli bars?

Now some of these ideas might take a bit of prep, but get the kids to lend a hand and make an activity out of it! Plus, you’ll get to keep all the leftovers so everybody wins.

Stuffed apples

This idea from Stay at Home Mum is a twist on the old sliced vegetable trick. Kids love to eat things that come in a different form than usual – whether that’s sliced or cubed fruits and veggies or stuffed apples. To get your kids eating some more apples, remove the core from an apple and fill it with some delicious yet healthy stuffings. That could be anything from peanut butter to nuts to raisins to coconut flakes. Store the apple in a container (you could even try making a ‘lid’ out of the apple itself) and watch your kids enjoy this tasty new form of fruit!

Strawberry rollups

No, we’re not talking about Uncle Tobys here. After all, this article is all about reducing processed foods. But who knew you could make your own strawberry rollups at home? This recipe from Shutterbean is a fun one for both kids and parents. Watch the children go wide eyed as you turn three simple ingredients (sugar, strawberries, and balsamic vinegar) into possibly one of the tastiest school treats out there. All natural, homemade, and delicious!

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Chocolate dipped oranges

The fruit’s an important part of any child’s diet, and the more variations you can make, the more interesting it is to kids and the more likely they’ll eat it. Chocolate dipped oranges are just another way to make fruit-eating exciting for kids. This recipe from Momables is quick and easy. As with all the other recipes on here, get the kids to help out and have some fun in the kitchen. All you need to do is melt some chocolate, peel a couple of oranges, and dip the segments into the chocolate. Stick them into the fridge for a bit and you’re all set with a healthy new lunchbox idea.

Spaghetti bolognese muffins

We love this idea over at Oz Labels. Everyone eats spag bol, and everyone just loves it. There’s bound to be leftovers, and this is a great way to use those leftovers while also creating exciting new lunches for the kids. This recipe from One Handed Cooks involves mixing leftover spaghetti and bolognese sauce with some eggs and cheese, spooning them into a muffin tray, and chucking them into the oven. Easy, delicious, and fast! Just make sure you haven’t left your bolognese sauce in the fridge for too long before using it for the muffins – you want your kids to eat fresh food if possible.

Four ingredient bliss balls

Bliss balls are called bliss balls for a reason – they’re pure bliss, no matter how old you are. This yummy recipe from Fat Mum Slim will have your kids snacking on some healthy, delicious ingredients in the school yard. Take a cup of dates, some desiccated coconut and peanut butter, and mix them with almond meal or an alternative in a blender. Roll the mixture into balls using your hands, and get the kids to help out of course. Refrigerate, and enjoy the bliss!

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So there you have it, five lunchbox ideas to make lunchtimes more exciting. Your kids will be healthier, they’ll have some fun giving you a hand in the kitchen, and you can rest easy knowing they’re only putting pure goodness inside their bodies. For a handy reference for future lunchbox recipes, check out this guide from Happy Mum Happy Child that lists numerous ideas for lunchboxes. And don’t forget, when your kids start opening those lunches at school, other kids will be jealous…. So make sure your kids’ lunchboxes are labeled with their name and address to prevent any stolen lunches 😉 Bon appetit!


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