Keep The Kids Entertained During The Holiday

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The start of the Summer holiday is only a few nights away. Make this summer holiday a fun one for the kids. Here are some ideas that will keep them occupied!


There is no better ways to get the children to move about than going on a scavenger hunt! Set them on an adventure to find hints and clues of where you’ve hidden a treasure chest filled with toys and treats. You could add the excitement and fun by setting a challenge they had to accomplish at each checkpoint before earning their next clue. The hard work is only in the initial setup, but the fun could go for hours and the kids will love you for it!


Going out and about is better than sitting in front of a television for an extended period of time for children and health. Create a weekly schedule of the outdoor activities. Perhaps go on a gentle hike at the nearest National Park, riding bikes and scooters around a public park, or even visiting an exciting Science Museum. The key is to get the children involved in the planning and let them choose where they want to go. That way, you don’t have to drag them out of the house, in fact, they would probably be the first out the door looking forward to the adventure.


One of the many things children love to do is to get their hands on gooey dough and create figures with their imagination. Allow them to express their creativity in the kitchen by trying to make the very snack they love – COOKIES! While your kids might be too young to handle the hot ovens, they would love to take part in making and shaping the dough. The activity will allow your children to improve their motoric skills, develop their creativity and give them the opportunity to take pride in their hard work. At the end of it, their hard work is paid off with those yummy cookies, fresh off the oven!

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