Involving Kids in Christmas Preparation

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Involving Kids in Christmas PreparationThe Advent season is there and you must be preparing for the Christmas Eve. Have you ever thought of asking your kids for help? Bet you, they will love to participate in the preparation. Kids are really very enthusiastic about any celebration and the added advantage is that you don’t have to care about engaging them so that you can do your preparations quietly. Assign them the following responsibilities:


This is the prime requirement before any celebration begins. They can start by making their room tidy as their friends will be visiting them and they will all play together in the room. Besides, some light household cleaning, like dusting, wiping can be their responsibilities.

Making invitation cards

Though, invitation cards for the guests are easily available in the market, nothing better than that if you can add a personal touch in them. This year, let your kids take this responsibility and make cards using their creativity and imaginations. You can supply them the required materials like paper, coloured pens, glitters, stickers etc.

Doing decorations

This will require little guidance and help from the parents also. You can encourage your kids to create fancy items that they can hang from the Christmas tree. Besides, they can make other decorative items to place at different corners of the house.

Preparing gifts

If you are finished with the shopping of gift items, let your kids take charge from here. They are best in wrapping the gifts with colourful gift papers and fixing a bow of ribbons on top of that. Additionally, you can make available different name and address labels, so that the kids can affix them and make the gifts ready.

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Preparing food

You must have planned to prepare some special menu for your guests but why not let the tiny ones prepare some cookies and biscuits for their friends? Backing is something which makes every kid happy. But don’t forget to remind them to help in cleaning the kitchen, once they are finished with making the cookies. Additionally, most of the kids also eagerly assist their parents in preparing the dinner table on the celebration eve.

So, join hands with your kids and make this year’s Christmas celebration a successful family effort.


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