How To Maintain Sparkling Shower Doors

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Shower Doors

Few rooms have the same factor as the bathroom in the house. Every detail can shine with a fine glow when the master’s or guest bathroom is cleaned up. Sadly, the entire room can feel less than attractive when the bathroom is slightly polluted. In particular, this is apparent with glass doors in showers. Fortunately, it is surprisingly easy to keep your shower doors clean. Here are some recommendations on how to renovate your bathroom to keep it fresh and smelling.

Why do I need to clean my shower doors in glass?

Routine chores are often the least preferred by homeowners of all undertakings for home renovation. During the routine cleaning of your shower doors, you should be aware that the hard water, soap scum, and nasty weeds that form can damage the glass permanently. This may be prevented by regular cleaning, especially when you wipe your shower off between thorough cleaning processes after each usage.

To clean your glass shower doors, you’ll need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Non-abrasive scrubbing sponge
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Ammonia
  • Glass cleaner
  • Non-abrasive towel or cloth


The principal cleansing agents are ammonia or vinegar and baking soda. Use single-part ammonia with 3-piece water for an ammonia combination. You don’t have to dilute it with water when using vinegar. In five easy steps, you can completely clean your shower doors:

First, moisten the freshwater shower doors. If you wash the doors shortly after showering, spray the glass to eliminate the soap left.

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Secondly, use your ammonia or vinegar spray to cover your glass upwards. Sit up to 10 minutes on the glass with the spray.
Next, take your scrubbing sponge and loosen the glass with harsh water or soap scum. Take your vinegar to baking soda and start cleaning when you are using vinegar.

Then rinse your doors with freshwater, once you think that you’ve removed all the harsh spots of water and the soap.

Then, with a cloth, dry the doors. A glass cleaner can also be applied to give it a wonderful sheen.

Follow these instructions at least once a month, during your usual bathroom cleaning routine or when you are working on a home renovation project. For the greatest results. In order to assist limit the amount of soap and hard water, rinse your doors with fresh water and squeegee the glass after every shower. Use these easy methods to maintain your glass doors awesomely!

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