How to Choose a Best Style of Window Blinds

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Window Blinds


A window cover is a versatile type of curtain covering. There are hundreds of different styles of window covers that use other control systems to allow you to control the amount of light entering your room. You can choose a simple blind that will only let in minimal light, or you can choose a more elaborate type of blind that can even block out sunlight.


The most common type of window blinds is wood blinds. 

There are several different types of wood that you can choose from depending on what color you want and how much care and maintenance you want for your blinds. 

Basic wooden blinds consist of several horizontal or vertical slits of different materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic, held in place by ropes that run from the bottom of the blinds to the slats on top. These ropes are usually made of a chain or a hook and are attached to the slats on either side of the wood blind.

A disadvantage of wooden blinds is the amount of cleaning and maintenance that you have to do. If you live in an area with a lot of humidity or have wood shingles on the roof, your wood blinds may need to replace sooner than others. 

You may also have to refinish your wood blinds more often. Wood blinds are available in many different sizes and can easily cut down to any shape you desire.


Another type of vertical blind that is very popular is the bi-fold. 

When looking for vertical blinds, you have more options when choosing which ones to buy. There is one popular style that is commonly referred to as a fold or double-hung window cover. 

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It has two slats that are set high up on either side of the window, and they can open or close to the height of your need. This blind style can have one or two slits open at the bottom, and another set higher. This style allows you to control the amount of light entering the room and lets the window dim or darkens depending upon what you want to achieve.

This type of blind has a vertical fold that is a single fold that can open and closed to whichever position you want. This style of blind requires less care and maintenance than its twin brother.


Roller blinds are a style that you don’t often see in homes

Roller blinds are a style that you don’t often see in homes because they design to opened and closed more than once. Curtain and blinds are easy to store and use because there is only one roll used to open them. 

You can purchase roller blinds in either vertical or horizontal slats, depending upon what you need to cover your windows. Roller blinds are popular in homes that do not have windows that need unique blinds for privacy.


Double-hung Window Blinds is trendy 

Double-hung Window Blinds is stylish with people who like to use curtains on their windows. However, with this type of blinds, you can open the bottom side and leave the top open. You can find many different colors and styles that will complement the decor in your home. That is one of the most accessible types of blinds to install. They also have some of the most advanced features that allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room.

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Horizontal Blinds can also install using this type of blinds. 

However, the downside to these blinds is that you will not open the top portion of the blind. Therefore, this is the most popular type of blind used for curtains in homes.



Lastly, there are other types of window blinds that you will find on the market. These include Venetian Blinds, Venetians and wooden Blinds, and even Venetian Blinds with an English Bay Window. 

These can all provide different looks, and they all come in many different styles. When you are looking to buy a curtain and blinds for your home, make sure you are shopping around and finding one that will work best with your home decor.


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