Healthy, Home Made Desserts for Kids  

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Healthy, Home Made Desserts for Kids No kid says no to desserts. According to Pediatricians, kids have a biological inclination to sweet taste, which tends to change as they reach adolescence age. But till that time their love for sugary items results in health concerns like tooth decay, obesity etc.


It is a challenge for most parents to keep their kids away from tempting desserts and candies. Let’s find an alternative way out. Why not prepare desserts such a way that they contain healthy fruits and nuts in place of harmful sugary ingredient? For kids, it is not uncommon to refuse the main course and wait only for the dessert. Then the dessert needs to be one that compensates for body’s nutrition and energy requirements.


This article highlights 5 such home made desserts that even the busiest mom in the world can manage to make.


Tropical Fruit Delight



No other way, you will be able to make your kids eat so many fresh fruits other than this recipe. Prepare enough servings and refrigerate since your kids are definitely going to ask for more.


View the full recipe here


Blueberry Frozen Yogurt



The flavor of Blueberries combined with full fat yogurt and only little sugar makes a healthy and tasty dessert to enjoy in summer days.


View the full recipe here


Coconut- Banana Christmas Fudge



This is another healthy dessert which uses no extra sugar. Made from two natural ingredients, the fudges are definitely going to make your kids happy, be it Advent season or not.

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View the full recipe here


Banana Berry Popsicle


Prepare this dessert to offer your kid the benefits from fresh fruits like Banana, Blueberry, and Strawberry. No cooking is required. Just work on the decoration so that the popsicles look alluring.


View the full recipe here


Pineapple Upside Down Muffins



Muffins are kids’ all time favorite and by making it from healthy ingredients like oats, pineapple and carrot, you will ensure that they are getting something favorable for their body.


View the full recipe here



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