Family Fun Tips for Valentine’s Day 2021

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valentine's day


What is more enjoyable for children (and adults) than a day reserved just to send love? As we move into the next chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for an additional boost of bonding, masking, and socially distanced of course.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for mommy and daddy or adults. Help your kids get excited about V-Day with these Valentine’s Day ideas like games and fun surprises. You can even create your own traditions with your precious kids.


Start with Romantic Breakfast on the Bed

A quick and easy victory for couples who expect their first baby! You just need to decide who gets inventive and who will stay in bed – easy decision – Bagsy’s ‘Baby Grower’ who got a brekkie on the bed was what we said!

If you have children, make them engage in romance and make a pleasant breakfast. Get creative with heart-shaped eggs, bacon, salmon, or pancakes.


DIY Love Decorations

Make a romantic oasis by decking it out with cute heart-shaped items or design your wall using these cute Owl Family Wall Stickers. But there are so many extraordinary DIY love decorations that you can feature in a short time. Just make it a romantic day for your family.

Owl Family Wall Stickers

Plan Valentine’s Scavenger Hunting

Mother and father, plan scavenger hunting for your child around the house. Hide things like candy, stuffed animals, pink clothes for your daughter, something fun and small so they will be excited to hunt and find! Use instructions such as poems and make the answer lead to the next instructions.

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Matching Outfit

The easiest way to make this event even more festive is wearing family matching clothes, with the same shirt color or design, pajamas matches, or any cute matching clothes. Just make it uniform and colourful like Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Date Night with Dad

Dads, plan a date night with your loving daughter for Valentine’s Day. Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your daughter and talk to her one on one.
Let the mother help her dress, you take her dinner, she will feel like a princess!


Cook  Your Favorite Restaurant Menu

The constant cooking at home is getting tiring, but we think this is a good opportunity to master new skills and find new tastes. Fortunately, many of our favorite restaurants have been made on a home kit for us to have fun and make things a little easier.


Movie Night Out

Have a Family Film Night Complete with Love-themed Snack Plates – Think Popcorn, Heart-shaped Painting, Heart Shaped Chocolate


It’s just a few ideas to help you plan fun family activities this Valentine’s Day even in a pandemic situation.


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