Easy Ways To Beat The Stubborn Weeds Naturally

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Easy Ways To Beat The Stubborn Weeds Naturally

You don’t need chemical herbicides to get rid of the fast-growing weed. Safer options exist that will work together effectively. They may take a little more persistence, but the benefits of organic control methods far outweigh the negative health effects of chemical pesticides.

With the current focus on environmentally friendly methods instead of harsh, toxic chemicals, the stakes are even higher.

So how do you beat the stubborn weeds without potential risk to the health of the planet and its inhabitants? Use these tips from home improvement experts for weed-killing methods naturally hard on growth pesky yard but soft on people, pets, and plants.

1. Boiling Water. What could be safer for the environment than water? Boil a generous amount in a kettle or saucepan, bring it straight out and pour it on the crown of unwanted growth. tougher weeds may require one or two additional treatments. Be sure to protect yourself by wearing long pants and close-toed shoes.

2. Weed Torch. Weed torch is another method to apply the destructive power of heat. This home improvement useful tool literally boil the water in the plant cells, turning it into steam and causes cells to burst and die. Heat only the weeds to the point of wilting. Never use a torch poisonous weeds in crops, because it can release toxic elements into the air.

3. Vinegar and Salt. Classic jack-of-all-household tasks are equally effective for destroying weeds. Add one tablespoon of dish soap and two tablespoons of vegetable oil to a spray bottle of vinegar and apply directly. Note that vinegar can also damage healthy plants, so avoid spraying on windy days.

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4. Lemon juice. Jolt weeds by spraying acid at a dose of fresh squeezed lemon juice or purchased at the store on them. Mix lemon juice with vinegar for a super-charged solution.

5.Baking soda powder. Baking soda is a multi-use products other households are usually on hand. Continue weeds from hard to reach cracks in driveways and walkways by sprinkling baking soda on the adjacent sidewalks and sweep into the cracks.

6. Newspaper. Do double duty environment by recycling old newspapers as a weed removal tool. Simply place the ten layers of wet newspaper on the ground and cover with mulch. This technique of cutting off sunlight and oxygen to essentially smother weeds. If you have moved recently, this is useful for their use cardboard as well.

7. Shower curtain. Giving new life to an old shower curtain as an alternative to newspapers. Scattered blinds in the right area between the weeds and the mulch layer.

8. Corn Gluten. Corn gluten may seem more relevant to cook from home improvements, but it is a valuable weapon in the arsenal of anti-weed. More precisely, corn gluten serves as a weed suppressant that is effective for preventing the roots from forming.
tall grass

No, this does not mean you are exempt from the grass-cutting task, but adjust the mower to leave two to three inches long can make the lawn less susceptible to weeds.

9. Elbow Grease. Methods tried-and-true elimination of weeds users always effective and leave no toxic residue. A weed-pulling session that success allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and relief of stress by letting you take it out on weeds.
Curb appeal increases the value of every home. Ensure the elimination of weed is on the list of home improvement tasks that are important.

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Spend five minutes every day looking over the grass. Hand filter out any you find it there and then.


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