Back to School: A Handy List You Should Have

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It’s that time of year again. You’ve just got over all the gift buying, cooking, and organising for Christmas and New Years, and now it’s Back to School. Whether you’re sending the kids off to school for the first year or the tenth year in a row, your brain’s always in a jumble at this time. You’ve just had so much going through your head during the holidays (especially with the kids home), and you’re struggling to remember everything you need to prepare beforehand. Even if you’ve done it a thousand times before, you always feel as though you’ve forgotten something.


This time it’ll be a bit easier, cos over at Oz Labels we’ve prepared a handy Back to School checklist that you can do with your kids. After all this isn’t a chore that should be done all by yourself! Get the kids involved, it’s their schooling isn’t it?

Take an inventory and do the shopping early

Before heading to the shops, go through your kids’ wardrobes and see if you find any clothes or shoes that still fit. Get them involved and let them have a bit of fun modelling all their old clothes. Maybe the button up uniform shirt doesn’t fit so well but the sports shirt does. Perhaps you’ll find an old backpack that has been long forgotten and still good to go. Try to do the inventory as soon as you can so that you can hit the shops early and avoid missing out on essential items. Waiting until the last minute will often find you shopping in deserted stationery aisles, with kids whinging about the lack of glitter pens and textas.

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Ease your kids into sleeping at a regular schedule

Your kids have just spent the last few weeks running amuck, staying up late and sleeping in, exerting all their energy and enjoying the freedom of no homework. If your kids are the type to make it past midnight on New Year’s, you’ll want to make sure you ease them into a regular sleeping schedule before it’s back to school. Try sending the kids off to bed ten minutes earlier each night for a week, so by the beginning of school they’ll be used to sleeping early and won’t make waking them up in the morning a nightmare!

Start planning lunches

The internet is awash with handy mum, household, and lifestyle blogs that have got all sorts of tips on organising kids lunches, budget lunches, healthy and quick lunches, and so on. Make lunch packing a little easier on yourself and a bit more fun by taking some time off to search the net for some handy tips and good ideas that you’ll both love. Sit down with the kids and let them enjoy browsing the pictures and choosing lunchbox meals they’d love to eat. Here are a couple of Pinterest pages to get you started – Healthy Lunches, Easy Lunchbox Ideas, and Kids School Lunch Ideas. You could be doing both of yourselves a favour!

Keep those personal items labelled

There’s nothing worse than having your child lose anything from a pencil case to a pair of shoes, let alone mix them up with someone else’s. Make sure all your kids’ personal items are labelled with their full name, address, and phone number so that they’ll always know which item is theirs and any lost items can be easily returned. Nobody can get away with wearing a hat that’s got somebody else’s name on it! At Oz Labels we’ve got plenty of personalised name labels and Clothing Labels that can be used for everything from lunchboxes to jumpers and backpacks. Give yourself a peace of mind and let your kids have a bit of fun by personalising their school stuff.

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