Adding Art Into Your Personal Space

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Having artwork on display in your home is a great way to add flair and show visitors what you value in life. Your options are only limited by your imagination, from family portraits and vacation photos to prints and paintings that evoke strong emotions.

While the majority of us are enthusiastic about the idea of displaying art in our homes, many are unsure how to go about doing so. Decorating with art can seem like an enormous undertaking, from where to hang it to how to pick the greatest pieces. Fortunately, it isn’t as complicated as you would believe. Take a look at this room-by-room breakdown for some ideas.


While the kitchen is typically referred to as the “heart of the home,” many people overlook it when considering where to hang artwork. It’s one of the most-used rooms in your house, so it’s the ideal area to get creative and personalize it.

Look for smaller pieces of art when selecting art for your kitchen. This will guarantee that it complements rather than overwhelms the space. Hang art above your cabinets or on an open wall, or place it on the countertop with a pedestal.


Look for art that makes you feel calm and relaxed for your bedroom. Landscape photography and abstract art with relaxing tones are both wonderful choices.

Here, large-scale works function well. They’re usually best exhibited at eye level, either on the wall directly across from the bed or over the bed. Consider canvas pieces or images arranged in gallery frames for a bedroom with minimal frames.

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Home Workplace

If you have an office workplace, you should fill it with photos that motivate and inspire you. The notion of installing a floating shelf and changing out the photos on it as your mood dictates is a brilliant one.

This allows you to keep things interesting and fresh without putting in too much effort. Look for pieces of varying sizes when selecting your photographs, as this will offer visual interest. Choose frames that are all similar if you want a minimalist design. Otherwise, use a variety of different-looking frames to give your place a more distinct flair.


When it comes to art, the toilet is another frequently disregarded space. When selecting pieces for this space, make sure they complement the overall feel of the room. Calm, quiet pieces often work well in the master bath, but fun, bright pieces might work well in a main-level powder room.

Consider selecting work in pairs that share the same concept. When it comes to location, you can’t go wrong with pieces hung over the toilet, above a standalone bathtub, or over towel hooks.

Living Room

While decorating the living room can be the most enjoyable part of the process, it can also be the scariest. The good thing is that you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Choose one large-scale work of art that speaks to you, or create a vast gallery wall. Consider adding some 3-dimensional items to your wall decor if you’re feeling very inventive. This one-of-a-kind touch will give your room some extra personality and make it stand out.

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Embrace Your Imaginative Side!

While the suggestions above are helpful, keep in mind that the art you choose is a reflection of your personality. Find a creative approach to make a piece of artwork if you come across one you truly like.

At the end of the day, your home — and the artwork within it — should make you happy. If it does, you’re on the correct track!


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Adding Art Into Your Personal Space

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