9 Simple Steps After-School Routine For Kids

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After-school kids Routine

Sometimes the after-school hours can be just as stressful as the mornings before classes. However, by establishing a productive after-school routine, your children will learn valuable time management skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. After-school routines that are logical and balancing can be implemented by following the six procedures mentioned below.

Do you have trouble keeping your after-school schedule organized? Especially for families with young children, this may be a difficult time of day.

After-school time may be a productive, enjoyable time for the whole family if you pay attention to your routine and schedule.

This article outlines a simple steps after-school routine that you may use and customize to fit your family’s requirements.

Backpacks and lunches should be put away.

Begin by teaching your children the habit of emptying and hanging up their backpacks each day after school. Create a DIY Backpack Station or cubbies to hold their backpack, coats, and shoes. In this manner, the bags have a specific place to go, and expectations are made for where they should go.

Any papers or folders the students brought from school should be removed from their bags as well.

I’d then ask that the children bring their lunches from school to the kitchen. This will save you time the following day when it comes to packing lunches for the kids.

This will become usual if you ask your children to do it on a regular basis. Then you won’t have to remind them because it will be something they automatically do after school.

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Give them something to eat (Snacks)

Then it’s time for a snack once they’ve stripped down and washed their hands.

Prepare healthy and energy-dense food for them in the next few minutes so they’re ready to tackle their homework.

It’s also a smart idea to give them some time to unwind.

The typical school day lasts around eight hours. Giving kids some downtime before they get into homework can help them unwind and relax.

Preparing labeled “snack baskets” for each child before the end of the school day is a terrific after-school snack idea. You don’t have to prepare them every day; once a week should be adequate.

Make sure they have a variety of healthy snacks in their backpacks, and if you have room in your fridge, you may designate a “snack drawer” or use a plastic bin to store them after school. Fruits, cheese, hummus, and yogurt are excellent additions to their post-school fridge munchies!

When they return home, they will know where to go for assistance. This multi-kid snack system is a godsend for time-pressed mothers.

Pay attention to what your kids needs.

While some children require time alone after a long day at school, others require it. Determine what works best for your child and develop an after-school routine for children that meets these needs. If your child needs to let off steam after a long day at school, take him or her to the park or sign him or her up for an after-school sports program. Allow your youngster to read, color, or watch their favorite TV show if he or she prefers a little downtime.

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A routine of doing homework

The homework schedule is an integral part of the after-school routine.

Homework time is something that both parents and children dread. However, by establishing an effective after-school homework schedule, we can assist our children in finishing their homework more quickly while also doing so in a pleasant, unhurried manner.

Assisting our children in developing appropriate study habits has a direct bearing on their long-term academic success.

It’s critical to remember that the length of your child’s homework schedule will vary based on their age and the amount of homework they have.

Have them read for 20 minutes if there is no homework. If there is schoolwork, let them have some free time.

Tips for a successful homework routine:

  • After school, have them eat a healthy, brain-fueling snack.
  • Make a designated homework area.
  • Ascertain that they have all of their assignment materials on hand.
  • Remove all potential sources of distraction.
  • Make a timer.

Schoolwork location search

Finding a specific spot to keep all of your child’s schoolwork is a lifesaver in addition to completing your homework on time.

Having a dedicated homework station is also really beneficial. Give them somewhere they can concentrate on their homework and not be distracted.

Make spending quality time a top priority

Set out 15+ minutes with your child each evening to spend uninterrupted, quality time together while building an after-school routine for kids. Switch off the TV, turn off your laptop, quiet your phone, and give your child 100 percent of your focus so he or she doesn’t have to act out to obtain your attention. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t have to be difficult; it simply has to be deliberate. CLICK HERE for 75 creative, low-cost, and spontaneous ideas to spend quality time with your child every day.

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Make sure quiet time is enforced

Make sure your child gets adequate downtime to fully decompress if he or she struggles with self-regulation after school and/or has trouble winding down before bed. After dinner, some parents choose to set up quiet projects for their children to enjoy as they wind down for the evening, while others offer iPad or TV time. Experiment with different ideas and see what works best for you and your kids.

Shower Routine And Chores

After doing your assignments, take a nice warm shower.


To avoid having their after-school routine feel too busy, I recommend scheduling tasks on alternating days because schoolwork can take longer on some days than on others. For example, once or twice a week is a good starting point. You can also give them well-balanced daily duties that are a good mix of time commitment and difficulty.


Showering is an excellent way for them to unwind before dinner and night.


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