9 Ideas to Get You Started With Scrapbooking

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Idea with Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to not only spend some time and get creative but make something of sentimental value that lasts a lifetime. Looking back on scrapbooks you’ve made in the past is like a snapshot into a part of your life, evoking all kinds of beautiful memories and reminding us of things we would have otherwise forgotten.

We reckon it’s about time we stopped using the virtual world as our scrapbook, uploading all of our images and sharing our stories and thoughts over the internet. Imagine something goes wrong, all of our cherished memories would be lost. So along with your usual social media updates, why not start experimenting with scrapbooks? They’re a fun activity that you can do even while watching your favourite TV shows, and you can always get the kids involved and make a fun family day of it!

If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got you sorted. In this article, you’ll find some ideas on themes for your scrapbooks, as well as fun decorating tricks and tips on what you can include in your scrapbook. Happy scrapbooking!


First of all, what’s your theme?

You could always try making a general scrapbook, but those tend to get a bit messy and full of lots of random stuff that doesn’t really flow together nicely. If you really want to create a scrapbook that will hold some memories to last a lifetime, you should consider a theme. Having a theme keeps you in focus when collecting items for your scrapbook, and that way you get to have lots of little scrapbooks for different moments in your life. Here are some ideas to get you started:

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  • Holiday scrapbook


This is a super fun scrapbook to make and gives you something to focus on while away. If you’re going on a family holiday, a solo trip, or even just a little weekend getaway, a scrapbook is a great way to keep all souvenirs, photos, insights, quotes, drawings, and so on together. While away, you can go around and collect things like leaves if you’re surrounded by nature, or ticket stubs and pamphlets if you’re in the city. When you reflect on your trip, the scrapbook is sure to remind you of a lot of forgotten memories!


  • Wedding scrapbook

You or someone close to you getting married? A wedding scrapbook is something that is sure to be held close to heart for a long time. If it’s yourself that’s getting married, a scrapbook can be a fun way to collect all the different inspirations and ideas you’ve had along the way. Record all your stresses, your troubles, your excitement, and your thoughts to look back on later. Try to keep this book free of any ‘official’ wedding stuff, and keep it personal. If it’s someone close to you getting married, you could take secret snaps and jot down stories from the lead up to the wedding, before handing it to the bride or groom on their wedding day. They’ll truly love this gift.


  • Baby scrapbook

Now, this is a popular idea, and so much fun for your kids to look at when they’re older! Start making a scrapbook while pregnant, keeping all your ultrasound images, writing down your cravings, your weird behaviours, and habits, and then after giving birth start jotting down stories about your newborn. Collect images, hand and footprints, any little memories, and your children are sure to love looking back on this scrapbook when older.

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  • Hobby scrapbook

Not all scrapbooks have to be personal! If you have a hobby or an interest that you’d like to dive deeper into, a scrapbook is a great way to tap into inspiration, get creative, and put all your thoughts in one place. If you’re a lover of yoga, for example, you could make a yoga scrapbook including postures you’d like to try, records of your improvement, tips on living a more holistic lifestyle, etc. Reflecting on your hobby scrapbook is a great way to track your progress, remind you of your interests, and encouraging you to keep going.


Now for the fun part… decorating!

This is what makes scrapbooks different from other journals and notebooks – they’re fun to flick through! Get creative and colourful with stickers, markers, pictures, pockets. Make things pop and hide things in little pockets to look through. The more interactive you make it, the more fun your scrapbook will be to look at! Here are some decorating ideas to get you started.


1. Make flippable tabs

Kids love this trick. Make flippable tabs in your scrapbook so you can include multiple items on the same page! All you need to do is glue down the first image fully, and then stick every subsequent item on top with just a bit of sticky tape. That way you can simply flip up the top image to reveal the pictures below. Do this with photographs, letters, flyers, whatever you like!


2. Text message pockets

This is a great way to remember those sentimental moments that will definitely get lost in your mobile phone. Keep any special texts in a ‘text message’ pocket. You’ll have to screenshot and print them out first, of course! This is a super fun feature to have in wedding scrapbooks and so on, including funny texts that are sure to make you laugh as you remember the stresses of wedding preparations!

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3. Make little envelopes

Sensing a theme? There’s just something unbelievably fun about revealing things from little pockets and envelopes inside a book. Reuse old magazines and newspapers and fold them into little envelopes that you can stick in your scrapbook pages to keep little things to discover later!


4. Press flowers and leaves

This is both decorative and can help add to your memory-making. If you’ve gone on holiday, picking up a few unique flowers and leaves and pressing them into your scrapbook later can bring back the feeling of being where you were. You can also do this with wedding flowers, baby flowers, birthday flowers, anything really! You can even just use arbitrary flowers for a decorative effect.


5. Use labels

Use labels to keep your scrapbook organised and to add little quotations and thoughts here and there! You can use labels as tabs to separate your scrapbook with little headings, or just on the front of your book to claim ownership.


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