8 Fun Ideas for Halloween Celebration During Quarantine

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Halloween is coming, are you ready to spook and enjoy? A moment of fun for children and adults to let their imaginations run wild. We all need it to look ahead, especially during this pandemic. Yes, we have a very different Halloween celebration this year. But even most of our family is in quarantine, there are lots of creative ways to celebrate the safe and right at home.


Halloween DIY Decorations

Owls and spiders phone to tombstone paper, using some of our favorite clip art for this season and begin to show your spooky side. You can easily purchase online various types of Halloween decorations, you can get spooky-looking Halloween castle wall stickers and Halloween skull stickers, these are perfect for home party decor. Or else different but effective way to decorate your home for Halloween with a method of fabric wall stickers, it’s easy to use and you can re-use it too.


Host a Videocall Halloween Costume Contest

Set up and use Facebook messenger, zoom, skype or google hangout to host a Halloween costume contest with the participation of your family, loved ones, and friends. Also, invite your child’s friend to participate in a spooky karaoke and dance. 


Set up – a Trunk or Treat 

Trunk-or-treating is one trend buzzing this year in terms of a much socially trick-or-treating replacement. It’s now popular to organized events that are usually held in the parking lot, trunk-or-treat entails decorated vehicles, and the kids go trick-or-treating from car to car. You can host it in your environment, too, with the neighbor set up the display luggage in the driveway and pass out candy. Note: Make sure to consider having a designated adult (who committed to applying hand sanitizer) giving sweets rather than encouraging many little hands to reach in a bowl.

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Watch a Horror Movie Marathon

Set up and choose to do one through the projector in the backyard, through Netflix party or just with your family on the couch bubbles. Pop the popcorn and toss in your favorite spooky movies and TV shows.


Design your Face Mask

Use your face mask and decorate it. This is a great way to use your DIY skill to create a beautiful spooky mask for yourself or family activities, decorate fabric or a surgical mask to match a costume or have the costume itself.



Bake and Eat

Who says Halloween is all about the sweets, such as candies or chocolates? Make this season ais a great time to get creative with your baking. Decorate some spooky cake or build (haunted) the gingerbread house. You will have both activities and delicious desserts. Serve and eat! 


Driveway Trick or Treat

Traditional trench communal Halloween candy bowl and have an adult set up tables or booths decorated on their front page where they can share individual bags or candy cups. This makes contact to a minimum while still décor and hauntingly good personality.


Play a Game

You do not need to hold a party to play the game. Update threw classics such as witches hat and a donut on a string, so you can play solo, through virtual-up meetings, or with your family.


Home and living mixed with Halloween can be a topic of interest. It’s really up to the limits of your imagination to how far you go and how you get stuck in when it comes to making your home look really spooky and cool. Of course Pumpkins always brainier when it comes to Halloween decorations. Especially if you have kids and it’s a whole load of fun and also keeps occupied for a great for both parent and child. 

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When the end of the pandemic coronavirus, you and your child can go back to the trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and other Halloween celebration you love. But until then, have fun trying new traditions – you may find some to bring back next year.


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