8 Amazing Air-purifying Indoor Plants To Pot

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Air-purifying Indoor Plants To Pot


Poison lurking in your home may reduce the air quality of your home. These toxins can come from various sources, including furniture, cleaning products, perfumes, electronics, and more.

While the source of these toxins may be right under your nose, the good news is there is a simple solution to remove these toxins and get your house smelling fresh – house plants. Because the plants breathe CO2 and oxygen-breath, they fit to freshen the air and remove toxins general.


Why care about the quality of indoor air?

Whether sleeping, eating compulsively Netflix, or work in an office, spent around 90 percent of our time indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And that spent time inside exposes us to indoor air pollution.


Here are 8 Amazing Air-purifying Indoor Plants To Pot

Bamboo Palm. The palm of bamboo is common to add a green choice. This plant is accustomed to oil indoor and indirect light colors, so you do not need to place it near a window. The water was enough to keep the soil just moist, about once or twice a week.

Blue Echeveria. Blue Echeveria is a succulent from Mexico that looks similar to a lotus flower. These plants love the light, making it great for window sills and other areas with sunshine every day. Like most succulents, whose blue Echeveria not need to be watered frequently. Water only when the soil is really dry.

Boston Fern. Boston fern is a house plant archetype. Even if you’ve never had one, chances are you know someone who has. This plant is a little fussy about the condition of life. The best thing is not to indirect light, high humidity, and cold temperatures. You may need the fog to provide the needed humidity. As for watering, keep the soil moist. Potting soil that covers a lot of peat moss your best to keep the plant grows.

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Cast Iron Plant. Cast iron factory is another house plant that does well with shaded or indirect light and minimal watering. moist soil is fine, but it’s better to err on the side of the dryer ground. Like most house plants, watering is the key to ensure the pot and soil allow proper drainage.

Friendship Plants. The factory does not only look beautiful friendship. It’s cool to the touch as well. These tropical plant leaves are blurred, and the color goes dark to olive green with a bright, pale green edge. Because the tropics, require shaded or low-light environments and moisture. Keep the soil moist, and fog when the humidity drops below 50%.

Plants Prayer. Plan another high humidity, prayer plant likes moist soil, bright light (though not direct sunlight), and frequent drizzle in the area of ​​low humidity. Prayer mill named because the leaves are flat daytime, but at night they fold up as if they were praying hands.

Spider Plants. Factory spider is one of those plants are easier for those who do not have a green thumb. These plants do best with plenty of indirect light and moist soil. It has a long and thin green leaves with a white stripe running down the middle. The name comes from the plantlets that looks like a small spider, by not creepy.

Sweden Ivy. Swedish Ivy is not a Swedish or an ivy, but it is easy to grow. Most people remained in hanging baskets with good drainage. The water was about once a week after the soil has dried slightly. This plant likes bright, indirect light.

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Indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxic is simple hack home improvements also add beautiful greenery to your home. Plants on which to remove toxins task requires minimal maintenance and will not poison your pet take a bite. Add one for each room and enjoy the fresh air in your home.


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