7 Best Tips to Prevent House Fires

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7 Best Tips to Prevent House Fires


Losing your home to a fire is a scary thought, but there is a lot you can do to prevent fires from starting. So, we can’t tell accidents to happen, you can learn how to prevent a fire from the start and spread through your home.

Check out our fire prevention tips to keep your home safe from electrical fires, oil fires, and house fires.

  • Careful Cooking – Many home fires start when the homeowner was cooking and left the room briefly to complete other tasks. It is always better to stay in the room while cooking because it only takes a few moments for the oil or oven fire to start. If you are in the room, you are better positioned to prevent fire and to resolve this issue quickly if a fire starts.
  • Extinguishers Update – First, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher near the high-risk areas including your kitchen. Just like with the alarm, it is important to ensure that fire extinguisher are up to date. The “expiration” dates differ based on the type of fire extinguisher, and you can find the necessary information on the label attached to your extinguisher.
  • Smoke outside – According to the Red Cross, if you smoke, it is always safer to do it outside with an ashtray or container nearby. Smoking indoors is one of the biggest risks to start a house fire, and the furniture is very prone to smoldering ashes.
  • Note Wires – frayed or broken wires are a common cause of house fires, so keep a close eye on the equipment and electronics to ensure the maintenance of up to date. house pets often think that the wires are fun to play with, so very wary if you have a pet at home.
  • Out of Reach – Children are naturally curious, and sometimes that curiosity leads them to play with things they should not. Educate your children on fire safety, and keep all lighters, matches, and a source of fuel out of range.
  • Have a Plan – While fire prevention can significantly lower your risk, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of a house fire. Develop contingency plans, including how to get out safely, where to meet, and whom to contact in case of fire. Practice your emergency plan regularly, and make sure that every child in your home understands what to do in case of fire.
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Implementing or applying the fire safety practices around the house is just the beginning, but protect your home does not stop here.


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