7 Beautiful Storage Ideas for Your Home

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Home Storage

If you have kids and a family, then you probably already know the value of proper storage options. Toys all over the floor, books left open on the coffee table, clothes strewn on couches, and plates and mugs left out on the kitchen bench. It’s all too familiar. Having proper storage allows these things to be put away, leaving your house neat and tidy… Just as it was right after you cleaned up this morning! To avoid the frustration of having to constantly clean up after family members, it’s essential to put in some storage solutions that are not only practical but also fun and easy to use.


First, some storage basics

You might be thinking, “There are plenty of storage options in my home! They don’t work”. We know the frustration! Having organisation processes and places to put things, yet having trouble to get others to stick to them. Sometimes it might even be you who can’t seem to stick to putting things away properly! The problem is that we’re implementing these storage solutions haphazardly, sometimes with no consideration for the long-term (only because we barely have any time to put these things into place!)


If you want a storage solution that works in the long-term, then you need it to be simple. It’s that easy! Us humans are naturally lazy creatures, and leading busy lives only makes us more so. In the modern age we’re all about time constraints and impatience, and half the reason things are left out of place is because putting them back seems like such a hassle. The trick is to make your storage solution a process that’s easy to stick to, and you’ll find more people putting in the effort. If, for example, you keep cups up high, people will be less likely to put them away than if they are within easy reach.

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Storage tips to get you started

That said, how can you set up a storage solution that’s easy? Perhaps you already think your solution is easy. But like the example given before, a simple thing like a cup being placed 30 cm farther than it needs to be can stop people from putting in the effort. So here are some tips to think about when setting up your storage space:


  • Separate items you frequently use and items you don’t


There’s no use mixing the two in the same storage space. Think of the space you’re using, let’s say the kitchen. Things like empty jars, big utensils, and large pots and serving dishes might be used less often than dinner plates and cups, mugs, kettles, and utensils. Avoid storing these items together, and you’ll make better use of your storage space (see next point).


  • Keep items you use often closer to you


Now you know what you use more often and what you don’t use all that much. The key to great storage is making things easy, and so storing the items you’ll be using on a day-to-day basis within reach means you’ll be more likely to put them back. Let’s use your wardrobe as an example. Perhaps you wear your jumpers a lot lately because it’s cold out. If you want to make sure you always put that jumper back after you’ve worn it, make sure it’s not a hassle to do so. Keep jumpers on a shelf within easy reach, and avoid hanging them if you don’t need to. Making it so easy to put a jumper away will mean you’re less likely to leave them strewn about. Another example is your office desk – if you’re keeping pens in a drawer you’ll be less likely to put them away. Having a pen holder on your desk instead makes it easier to just throw them in the cup and leaving your desk neat and tidy.

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  • Make your storage solutions fun


We love to make boring things more fun. Sometimes having a storage solution that’s nice to look at or quirky and fun makes us more likely to use it as we get a kick out of doing so. Having a cute pen holder for example, makes us more likely to want to look at it and utilise it. Using a nice toy box in the kids’ room will have them more likely to want to put their toys away, and so on.


Now for the storage ideas!

Enough talking, let’s get straight to some beautiful storage ideas you can implement into your home to make cleaning up more fun for everyone.

Hang the spoons up

Can’t find your measuring spoons in the mess of your drawers? Hang them on the inside of a cupboard and make it quick and easy to both find and put them away.

Magnetic strip keeps thing organized

Stop losing your bobby pins, tweezers, and nail clippers! Use a magnetic strip to keep them in a handy, easy-to-reach place.

Keys storage

Finally, you know where your keys are at all times! This is a fun weekend DIY project that will get your life in order from the moment you step into your home.

specific baskets for specific objects

There’s no storage solution as quick and easy to implement as a set of pretty baskets. The key to keeping these organised is having specific baskets for specific objects. Keep all your wires in one basket and you’ll know where to find that cable next time you need it. Place your sewing bits and ends, scrap fabric and such in another, laundry detergents and fabric softener, cleaning supplies in another, and so on.

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tea container

Keep different teas separated in a neat container and avoid stacking several different boxes of tea on top of each other! 


Want quick and easy access to your jewellery, but at the same time don’t want to have it on display? This is a great DIY project that lets you hang your jewellery behind a hinged full length mirror! Your jewellery is nicely organised (no tangles), and you can easily see what you want to wear.

organise your belts and bracelets

Organise belts, bracelets, and purses in these clever storage solutions using paper towel holders and paper trays. A super easy way to quickly see what you want to wear and easily put things back where they belong!

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