6 Ways to Get Your Life Organised

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Get Your Life Organised

There’s just something about organisation that gets us excited here at Oz Labels. Things run smoothly, you’re able to clearly break down your tasks, objects, and goals, you can think clearly, and everything is just generally much easier. That said, the task of getting organised itself can be difficult. Staying organised – now that’s even harder!


The problem that most of us end up having when it comes to organisation is that we either don’t have a proper method in place – and so we end up just living in cycles where we order and restructure things only to let them fall into chaos again – or the methods that we do have in place are too complicated or tiresome to stick to, and so we avoid putting things back into their place, sticking to the goals and routines we’ve set up for ourselves, and slowly letting the mess reform.


Now we know where the problem is, let’s get to fixing it! If we want to be organised, we have to make organisation fun! Here are 6 of our favourite ways to get our life organised. Anytime you feel stressed out, or like life is slowly slipping away from your grip, try these tricks and neatly let things slide back into place.


1. Make things pretty

To do lists aren’t as fun to keep on post-it notes. Diaries aren’t fun to write in bland notebooks. If you find organisation a drag, try to make things more exciting for yourself by investing in some tools that are pretty and fun to work with. Go for coloured paper, journals and notebooks that are specifically geared towards organisation (try stationery shops like Kikki K and Typo!), fun clips, and pens that you like to write with. People tend to enjoy this aspect of organisation a lot, so hit the shops and get yourself some tools you’re excited to work with!

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2. Make top 3 to-do lists

There’s so many things that constantly need doing, and having all those tasks swimming in our heads can be overwhelming, meaning we’ll just procrastinate and avoid getting to the work itself. Prioritising things can be a great way to realise the importance of each task and pick out what exactly needs to be done and when. At the beginning of each day, pick only three tasks that are necessary to be done for that day. If you think there are more than three, think again! Does the washing really have to be done today? If so, then perhaps the floors could wait one more day before vacuuming. As much as we tell ourselves that tasks are all super important, there’s really only a small number that has to be done each day.


Make top 3 lists, and then make “extra” lists for when those three first tasks are completed. That way you’ll still know what else needs to be done when you’re finished, and you can either keep going or have a to-do list ready to go for the next day.


3. If something takes less than 5 minutes to do, do it

Again, tasks can seem so strenuous and daunting when they’re swimming around in our mind organised. When you devise your to-do lists, pick out all the tasks that take less than 5 minutes to do. Don’t put these on your top 3 list! Instead, just go ahead and do those tasks now. It’ll only take five minutes and the feeling of accomplishment will be great. Go on, do them. See you in 5 minutes. Then you can go on to the other tasks.


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4. Put things back in their place

Being organised is more than just a mindset. You need the right space to cultivate a clear mind, and having a place for everything and returning items to their right place after use is key to that. The feeling of things falling in the right place will extend to your mind. Ever notice how cluttered your head might feel when your room is messy with clothing strewn everywhere? Neatness breeds clear mindedness. Organise your desk or workplace so that pens are kept in a special cup or drawer, special documents are put together in a magazine file or similar. The general idea is to keep your workplace clear at all times. Try not to put things anywhere too difficult to reach as you’ll just end up avoiding putting things back in the right place. Make things easy for you to stick to.


Follow the same rule in the rest of the house. Organise your wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen. Avoiding chaos and disorder in the home will help clear your mind so you can focus easily at the tasks at hand – plus there’ll be less housework for you later! Easily putting things into place means you’ll be less likely to leave stuff lying around to be picked up later. Plus, there’s a great feeling of completion every time you pick up to use something and put it back where it belongs. Try it, notice the difference.


5. Get a planner, calendar, or whiteboard

All great ways to clearly organise your life. Sure, you can keep events, goals, ideas, and plans floating around in your mind, but writing them down and seeing them there on paper (or whiteboard) makes all the difference in remembering them and having a clear outlook in the future. Writing things down has been showing to help with helping people to remember them, and seeing events organised in a calendar view or a weekly view as in a planner helps you get a better picture of your week as a whole. That way, you’re able to see things clearly and organise your thoughts, tasks, and goals in turn.

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6. Label, label, label

We can’t stress the importance of labeling when it comes to getting your life organised. There’s a reason why we started a whole business behind it! If you imagine your mind as a little filing cabinet, labels help keep things in order so that they’re easily accessed and compartmentalised by your brain. Label jars so that you can easily and clearly find what you’re looking for, and put items away. Label your books, journals, and planners per task, subject, or idea. Label drawers in the garage so things are organised and can both be neatly put away and easily found. These little differences all add up to making life so much easier for us all.


These 6 tips are only the beginning of many, many little ways we can build out life up to be an organised heaven. Everything is so much more daunting, difficult, and overwhelming when we’re not organised, and sticking to simple routines like the ones in this article can really help to clear our mind and relieve some minor stress throughout the day. Give them a go and let us know how it works out for you!


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