6 Ways to Add Some Personality to Your Clothes

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Why look the same as everyone else when you can wear something unique and enjoy some fun crafts in the process? Whether you’re looking to recycle old clothes and create something new with them, or you just want to add some personality to a piece of clothing you find a little too bland, there are so many ways you can transform that plain t-shirt into something cool and unique. Next time you see an item of clothing you love but just find a little too plain, don’t worry. Pick it up and transform it into how you’d like it to be. The fun thing about this activity is that you can be completely creative and express yourself how you want. We’ve all got a little bit of fashion designer in us, so go through that wardrobe, pick out some pieces you’d like to transform, and read on for some ideas…


1. Add a lace insert into a shirt or dress

DIY Lace Shirt

Source: http://mrkate.com/2013/05/23/diy-lace-insert/


Lace is a material that looks good with everything. Whether you’re trying to dress a casual shirt into something a little more dressy, or add a little sexiness to your favourite dress, a lace insert is easy to add to anything. This is a pretty easy activity, and all you need is lace, iron-on hem tape (which you can find at any fabric shop), scissors, an iron, and your item of clothing. If you want to cut out your lace in a specific shape you can also print a paper from your computer and use it as a stencil.

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Full instructions: http://mrkate.com/2013/05/23/diy-lace-insert/


2. Add an exposed zipper

Shirt with Exposed Zipper

Source: http://sweet-verbena.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/exposed-zipper-top-tutorial.html?spref=fb


Got a shirt or dress that’s a little too plain? Give it some instant style with an exposed zipper. Another activity that’s super easy, you could turn a shirt, dress, or even a jumper into something trendy. All you need for this are some zippers (which you can grab from any fabric shop), scissors, iron, and a basic sewing kit. Best of all, the project only takes half an hour! So next time you’re fretting over your wardrobe before going out, keep this trick in mind.

Full tutorial: http://sweet-verbena.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/exposed-zipper-top-tutorial.html?spref=fb


3. Refashion an old shirt or skirt

Probably the easiest way to transform an item of clothing, why not cut the sleeves off a shirt to turn it into a singlet? Maybe you’ve got lots of band or travel shirts around that are an awkward fit. Cut off the sleeves, or maybe even the bottom to create a midriff! You can also shorten skirts and dresses – all you need to do is rule a straight line around the hem, cut along it with scissors, and then sew the hem to hide the scissor marks – although these can sometimes look good!


4. Embroidery

Another fun and easy way to add some personality to your clothes is by embroidery or patches. The best thing about patches is that you can add them pretty much anywhere – refashion those jeans with some cool patches, add patches to your backpack, on denim jackets, or even on your hats! At Oz Labels we’ve got an embroidery cloth patch collection that will add some funk to any item of clothing!

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5. DIY poncho

DIY Poncho

Source: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2011/09/diy-wool-poncho.html

Now here’s a good way to recycle material while also saving a bit of money! With winter approaching, it might be a good idea to find some warmer clothes. Why not make your own poncho? You can make this poncho out of any spare material you have lying around (which could include material from recycled clothing!) Now this one is so easy and fun to make, and it’s actually pretty relaxing exercise too!

How to do: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2011/09/diy-wool-poncho.html


6. Turn that shirt into a skirt

Here’s a chance for you to raid your man’s wardrobe! Ever spotted a shirt he owns in a colour you adore, or in a pattern you’d love to wear? Turn men’s business shirts into a day dress with this tutorial. This dress is sophisticated, chic, and can be worn anywhere from work or out to lunch. All you need are two men’s business shirts, a sewing kit, and scissors. If you want to glam the outfit up a bit, just add a belt and you’re good to go!


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