6 Exciting Indoor Activities for Children During Rainy Day

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Fun Indoor Activities

Whether it’s bucketing down outside, or you’re stuck inside cos it’s just plain too hot out in the sun, there’ll be times when you and the kids are stuck indoors with nothing but piles of boredom ahead of you. Fear not! Who said all the fun had to exist outside of the house? There’s plenty to do from within the confines of your comfortable home, without spending money on movies or ice skating or even hopping into the car. Whether you’ve got little ones or older children, we’ve made a handy list of 6 indoor activities for the next rainy day. Keep it on the fridge and next time the kids tell you they’re bored, you’ve got a solution!


Build a fort

Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to cosy up inside our own little fort at some point in our lives. Whether your kids are young or old, a fort is something everyone gets excited about. Gather together plenty of blankets, cushions, sheets, and drape them over your furniture to build a nice comfy fort for you and your kids to hang out in. You could build a fort around the TV and watch movies, or cosy up with a book on some cushions. The choices are endless!


Make an indoor treasure hunt

A sense of excitement, mystery, and adventure is all it takes for boredom to diminish. Try making a treasure hunt for your kids, leaving behind different clues for them to find around the house. Let the kids follow the different clues to find the treasure in the end (a delicious snack, perhaps?)

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Make your own playdough

Playdough is actually super easy to make at home, and you probably already have all the necessary ingredients lying around at home! Just mix 1 cup of cold water, 1 cup of salt, 2 teaspoons vegetable oil, 3 cups of flour, and 2 tablespoons of cornflour. If you want to get fancy and fun, add a few drops of food colouring and let the fun commence! Kids can mix the colours and help you with making the playdough, then get out some cookie cutters and have a little fun.


Make your own musical instruments

And then make some music! Some ideas include a straw whistle – using 8 plastic straws cut to different lengths, lined up side by side and taped together – or maracas – using a bunch of rice or pasta sandwiched inside an old toilet paper roll or paper plates. Let the kids decorate their instruments, and then get busy making music!


Play hide & seek

If it’s getting dark outside, then it’s a perfect time for a game of hide and seek. Turn the lights off inside the house (being sure there are no tripping hazards or potential dangers), get counting, and let the kids hide around the house. This game can keep kids quiet for a long time!


Have a spa day

Maybe the kids don’t want to play games and they’re grumpy and tired. Why not cheer them up with a bit of self-care? There are plenty of ingredients at home to make your own face masks, exfoliators, and hair conditioning masks. Let the kids help put together the special beauty treatments, and then apply them together for some relaxing fun.

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