6 Fun & Educational Places to Take Kids On the Weekend

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Fun and Educational Places to Take Kids

Getting a little tired of taking kids out to the movies every weekend? Or perhaps all that spending is getting a little heavy on your wallet. Maybe your kids could do with a little education, to renew their fascination with the world around them. Whatever the reason, if you’re stumped for ideas on where to take the kids this weekend, we’ve got 6 ideas for fun and educational places you can head to. We promise you’ll have just as much fun as they will!

  • Art gallery

Most cities have a few free art galleries, and many even host special activities for kids during the weekends and school holidays. Take your kids down to your local art gallery for a fun trip, and pack along some pencils and papers and have them recreate their favourite pieces! Make sure they read all the plaques explaining the works and learn about the different artists. If you’ve already seen the big art galleries in your city, you could even do a little tour of smaller art galleries and exhibition spaces. The kids will be nice and tired by the end of it, guaranteed!

  • Flea markets

The markets are always a fun place to be in, whether they’re selling clothes or homewares or odd junk. There’s plenty of interesting things for kids to look at at flea markets, from antiques to interesting plants. The food is almost always varied and delicious, and some markets even have pony rides and other fun activities for children. The best thing about the markets is that they generally tend to be cheap, so if your kids start to get an eye for something you know you won’t be spending bucketloads. Sounds like a good weekend activity to us!

  • Out in nature
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Nature can seem boring for a lot of kids, but their imagination is so easily captivated that it can be easy to turn a trip to the beach or the bush into something exciting and adventurous. If you live near a nice park or beach, take the kids down and let them play to their heart’s content. To give it an educational angle, have them collect different rocks and shells, look at all the different plants and trees, and if you’re able to, maybe even identify them and look them up when you get home to learn more. Australia’s a fascinating and beautiful country, and there’s so much to be explored at your doorstep!

  • Sporting fields

Physical education is education too! If you live near some tennis courts, basketball courts, cricket nets, or any other sporty places, take the kids down with a ball and get some exercise! It’s a great excuse to be outdoors, stay busy, and release some energy while you’re at it. Best of all, exercise will get those endorphins pumping and keep those kids in a good mood all night!

  • Museums

There are plenty of museums with free entry, from history museums to interactive museums and science museums. If you have to pay a fee, it’s usually quite small and worthwhile for the hours of fascinating entertainment and education! Check out the different museums in your city, any observatories, wildlife or petting zoos, and take the kids out for a fun weekend that’ll have them sneakily learning a little while they’re at it!

  • A multicultural neighbourhood

Another beautiful thing about Australia is its vibrant multicultural community, teeming with plenty of different restaurants, festivals, and shops to explore. If you live near a neighbourhood that’s thriving with stores, restaurants, and people from different cultures, why not take the kids out for a little cultural exploration? It’s a great way to get them interested in other people and cultures, and to learn more about the diverse community you live in. Try some new food, walk through supermarkets with interesting flavours and ingredients, and if there’s a festival on celebrating a culture, why not go down and celebrate?

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