6 Easiest Ways to Organize your Home Garage

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If you live in one of the many cities advocating or mandating a self-quarantine during the COVID19 pandemic, you’re suddenly spending a lot more time at home. Whether you’re working from home, homeschooling your kids, or just need to arrange your space for staying in, it’s a good time to organize.

If you find your garage space disappear under clutter and you can no longer find your lawn chemicals, then it’s time to organize it.

Although you may have the best intentions to set up and clean up your garage, a busy schedule can sometimes keep you from achieving this goal. So today is the best time to organize your garage.


Here are the 6 easiest ways to organize the garage.


The Big Clean-Out

Spend enough time to clean and organize your garage – it could be a full day or weekend. Make de-strewn and organizing family and friends project to make the process faster and fun. Be sure to go through everything in your garage. A good idea is to start by taking everything that is in your garage.


Sorting All Items to Category

Once everything is out, clean up your garage thoroughly before putting something back. Then sort all outdoor items into four piles: Keep, sell, donate, and trash. Disposing of outgrown toys, household chemicals expired and damaged goods can be fixed.

Sort all the items you plan to remain in the category (think hand tools or supplies car) and put them in one clear plastic bins or boxes stackable marked. Donating gifts and throw trash items as soon as possible.

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Remember to use the space above your head wisely. Hang seasonal sports gear, household appliances, and other items you do not use every day. Make sure that these items do not scrap your car roof or interfere with the operation of your garage door.


Draft Garage Floor Plans

Take note of the dimensions of your garage and note the location and size of everything from switches and containers to windows and doors. Also, note how much space your car (s) in need.

  • Store items commonly used together, such as chemicals lawn and gardening tools, are close to each other.
  • Put large equipment such as lawnmowers in the corners or the area they will not easily lose over.
  • Place items that you use frequently as a bicycle near your garage door.
  • Stash seldom-used or seasonal items at places difficult to reach.

Always think ahead when planning your garage. Leave some space to store extra stuff or outdoor goods such as summer toys and furniture during the winter.


Go Vertical

Think vertically when looking to store items in your garage. This allows you to keep stuff out of the ground and create more space. If you install the cabinets or shelving units ready to use, ensure that they are raised on legs, which allows you to clean the garage floor with ease. Suitable vertical organizing system including pegboards, track-based systems and panel systems.


Open vs. Closed Rack Cabinet

Open shelves are better for you than a closed garage because:

  • They allow easy access so no need to add space for permission to swing open the closet door.
  • Closed cabinets provide reasons to stay organized because you can just keep everything and hide the evidence.
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However, you need at least one lockable cabinet for storing items that are sensitive or dangerous, such as lawn chemicals, out of reach of your children. These cabinets are also suitable for storing goods that require protection from air impurities and dust.


Keeping Garage Organization

After cleaning and organizing your garage, do not overlook the space. Maintaining your organizational scheme and regularly clean out your garage. It should be easy if the garage floor is easily accessible and everything is in its rightful place.


Bottom line. The garage is a high traffic space that needs organizing regular and cleaning, which is why it is important to make it an ongoing concern. Always try and re-organize your garage once or twice a year.

#StayHome and keep safe always!


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