5 Tips and Ideas for a Fun Family Holiday

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Fun Family Holiday

Heading off on a family holiday is one of the most fun experiences that really allows everyone to connect and have a good time as you explore new places and do new things. At the same time, it can be pretty challenging having to put up with each other 24/7, and there can be a lot of disagreements, tantrums, and tears! That said, there’s a lot of wisdom out there when it comes to family holidays that can help make your next one a smooth one – where it’s saving you possible trouble in the future or helping you enjoy your time better. We’ve trawled through them and found the 5 most useful tips and ideas the next time you’re off on holiday – bon voyage!

1. Leave ahead of time

First things first, if you’re expecting a fun family holiday, then it’s gonna have to get off to a good start. Make sure you leave with plenty of time to get to your destination to avoid any impatient kids, hungry kids, and tired kids! Have enough time to stop and rest, stretch your legs, have a snack, so that everyone arrives satisfied and in a good mood. This way there’ll be no tension, especially important if you’re dragging a moody teenager along with you!

2. Give your kids some credit

In all the rush and organisation of a family holiday, it can be easy for your mind to be cluttered and perhaps not working as smoothly as usual. Try to remember that your kids are kids, and if they struggle with long waits at the airport, long car rides, or long flights, that’s okay. Don’t be upset with them, be patient, and try to instead think of ways to keep them entertained. At the same time, if you’re taking an adventure family holiday or a camping trip and your kids are struggling with completing tasks, being out in nature, and so on, try to encourage them and be patient and understanding. This way nobody will be upset, there will be no fights, and everything will go smoothly!

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3. Keep a scrapbook

The best way to prevent boredom and impatience on a family holiday – the most common source of arguments – is to keep everyone busy with a project. A good idea is to keep a scrapbook of the family holiday, with contributions from every member of the family. They could contribute anything from written pieces, found objects, photographs, souvenirs, pamphlets and posters from restaurants, and so on. At the end of your trip, you can get together and assemble the pieces and look back on your trip and the fun times you’ve had. This will also make a great keepsake that you can use to remember your holiday. Even young kids can get involved, just have them look for shells you can stick into the scrapbook or take some photographs!

4. Stay at family friendly places

If you want to keep the kids entertained then you need to stay in accommodation that is targeted towards families. You want your kids to enjoy the company of other kids, to have space to run around and a playground or sandpit to play in. If there’s a pool then you want to make sure that your kids can also safely enjoy a swim, and the best way to ensure all of that is by staying somewhere family oriented. You’ll also feel more at home in the company of other parents, and more relaxed in communal areas. Kids don’t want to be stuck hanging around adults all holiday, and this is a sure way to prevent a couple of tantrums!

5. Be organised

It’s not just the kids who might be frustrated, impatient, angry, or upset, but you as well! Prevent future disasters from occurring by staying organised. When you think you’re organised, organise yourself even more. When it comes to holidays, the last thing you want to deal with is a missed flight or a stolen bag or lost keys. Make sure you always have spare keys, photocopies of your passport, and so on stored somewhere securely. Always label your clothing and bags with an address and phone number and keep your bags locked with a padlock. Check and double check flight times, transit times, and so on to prevent any errors and unfortunate occurrences. Everything will go smoothly, and everyone will be happy!

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Ready to take off? Now that you know these five useful pieces of advice, you’re sure to be in for a smooth holiday should you keep them in mind. The best thing you can do is try to keep everyone happy and satisfied, and to stay patient and aware. Enjoy every moment, and don’t let yourself be taken over by any small bumps along the way. You are, after all, on holiday, and should enjoy every moment of it!


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