5 Ideas for Covering Your Kids’ School Books

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A brand new year means a brand new set of school books to buy and cover for your kids. Rather than going for the standard covers you can buy from the shops, why not try something a little different this year? Let your kids feel unique and special with something they’ve created themselves. We’ve got some ideas for covering your kids’ school books this year – round them up, sit at a table, and get covering together! If you’ve got your own personal diary, schedule, or notebook, why not also give it a cover and make it your own?


Wrapping paper

Image: tipjunkie.com/creative-ways-to-re-cover-books-how-to/

Got some wrapping paper lying around? Why not use it to cover the books! This tutorial here gives you great instructions for covering your books and textbooks with wrapping paper, while also making a small pocket for bookmarks and pencils. Handy! For extra creativity, why not mix and match different kinds of wrapping paper to create a collage look?


Paper bag

Image: http://blog.creativebug.com/back-to-school/

If you’ve just done your back to school/new year shopping, you’ll definitely have a few large paper bags lying around. If you’re feeling savvy, why not use these to cover the books? Either leave them in their natural colour for that raw look, or get the kids to paint them for some extra fun. Make the books extra special with spray on chalkboard material – then the kids can write on their homework/to do lists and rub off as needed!  Instructions are here!

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Duct tape cover

Image: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1006459/homemade-book-covers-crafts-for-kids

Now this is really going back to basics! Use the previous tutorial to create the basic paper bag book cover, then cover with decorated duct tape for a truly unique look. If you’ve only got plain duct tape laying around, then get the kids to decorate the books themselves! The tape will add a unique look thanks to its texture/material. Learn how to do it here.

Recycled denim book cover

Image: http://www.theimpatientcrafter.com/2009/09/i-love-to-create-recycled-denim-book.html

If you’re a fan of recycling, then you’ll love this creative way to reuse old jeans. You can do this with virtually any item of clothing or material that you like. Check out the instructions here!


Bubble wrap book cover

Image: http://blog.creativebug.com/back-to-school/

This idea is fun and experimental and will get the kids thinking about how different materials and colours mix together. Use bubble wrap to transfer paint onto a book covered with a paper bag. The results will be unique! Play around a bit with angles and layers to create something personalised. The kids can use different colours for different subjects to help them distinguish the books easier in their bags. Check out how to do it here.


So there you have it! Who said the kids’ books have to look the same year after year? If they love standing out from the crowd then they’ll love these personalised book covering ideas. Best of all, it could save you a bit of money and gain you a bit of extra time spent hanging with the kids!


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