5 Games To Keep The Kids Busy During Long Drives

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GAMES TO KEEP THE KIDS BUSY DURING LONG DRIVESFamily road trips can be a lot of fun for the kids, and it doesn’t have to be boring. The key is to keep some in-car activities up your sleeves and play them intermittently along the drive. Here are some in-car games that will keep your children occupied and happy.

I Spy

The classic game “I spy with my little eye, something…” can keeps your children entertained and distracted from the long drive. This game is very easy to pick up for kids of all ages. The directions are simple: One person spies something and recites the line, ending in a clue. Everyone else takes turns trying to guess the mystery item! You can also give a little prize for the winner as an incentive like a small toy or $1 to put in your child’s piggy bank or spend on the holiday.


This game is the combination of bingo and “I spy”. Create a 10×10 grid on a spreadsheet and fill each cell with a description of an object you would find along the road trip. To add a bit of a challenge, describe the object in details (e.g. Red trucks carrying hay or grass field with 2 horses). Each player will be given the printed bingo sheet which they get to cross off with a pencil each time they see the object. The first player to cross all the squares in a straight line wins.

I’m Going on a Picnic

This game is going to get your memory muscle a good exercise and you can join the fun too! This is an alphabet based memory games, and you don’t need any props. The first player recites “I’m going to a shop and I bought…” followed by something that begins with A, such as Antipasto. The second player repeats the first person and adds something begins with B, and so on with the rest of the alphabet. The last player should to be able to recite all the items in the alphabetical order and wins!

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Guess The Theme Song

Umm… It’s time to hum! One player gets to hum a popular theme song or jingle, and other players get to guess the song. Whoever could guess it correctly wins!

Spot the Object, Alphabet

There is so much to see when you go on a road trip. The challenge of the game is to spot objects in the alphabetical order. For example apple tree, blue bus, campsite sign, and so on. Simply shout out the object as you see it.


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