5 Fun Ways to Use Labels

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Fun Ways to Use Labels

Labels are always just confined to one main category – name and address. While we all well and truly need labels identifying our names and addresses for everything from officework to tagging our personal property, the potential for labels is so much more! We’re passionate about labels here at Oz Labels (could you have guessed?), so we’ve set out to spread the word and share some ideas and inspiration on how you could possibly improve your life and add a bit of fun to your day with labels. Of course the reasons are aplenty, but we’ve limited them down to just 5 of our favourite ways to use labels – besides name and address.


1. Inspire yourself

We could all use a bit of inspiration – it’s there lurking within us, but can get a bit lost in the day to day hustle and bustle. Why not leave yourself and your family notes of inspiration around the house? Stay motivated, inspired, and let those around you feel loved with nice messages. Leave labels on mirrors, on the fridge in the kitchen, stick them anywhere and everywhere you like! Extend this to the office and leave motivational quotes to help you and your coworkers get through the day. You could even leave a label on your car dashboard to give you a nice uplifting note in the morning and a push in the afternoon traffic. The fun thing about labels is that they’re temporary, so you can mix it up. Print a bunch of different quotes and enjoy spreading a bit of happiness and inspiration!

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2. Organise the house

Everyone’s rushing around these days and time is precious. Save yourself a bit of time and struggle and organise the house by labelling things like herbs and spices and electrical wires. Stick a label on each spice jar, label tangled electric wires with TV, cable, and so on, organise drawers in the laundry and garage with labels, and identify contents of boxes with labels. You’ll be able to easily find things when you’re looking for them, and put them away exactly where they came from.


3. Fun with the family

Got a favourite mug you like to use? Label it and claim it as your own. Kids keep confusing their underwear or socks? Label them! It’s always fun to have a bit of war in the family, but that can sometimes get out of hand when people begin to fight over their property. Claim ownership and have a bit of fun while you’re at it by labelling your stuff with fun, colourful labels. Kids can label their toy boxes, books, shoes, hats, and more, and you and the husband could even have matching “his/hers” robes, towels, and pillowcases. Have a bit of fun, and see how far the fight for ownership will take you!


4. Personalise clothes

Tired of that old blue scarf you’ve been wearing for the last seven years? It’s warm, comfy, and durable after all those years, but you’re just so tired of wearing it. Why not mix it up a bit with some embroidered patches? Ok they’re not quite labels, but they’re kind of like sew-on labels so we’ll claim that. Embroidery patches can be such a fun way to spend a boring afternoon at home and brighten things up while you’re at it. Add some spark to old, worn pieces of clothing and revive them into new pieces. Let the kids have a bit of fun personalising their stuff, too. That said, why stop at clothes? You could even go further and mix up your towels, curtains, tablecloths, and more!

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5. Make boring stuff fun

Filing. Yawn. Who wants to dig through piles of boring documents and folders to pull out birth certificates and the like? The struggle takes ages, is extremely mind numbing and sleep inducing, but is necessary at some point or another. Turn your filing cabinet into a place of wonder and excitement with fun labels. Get colourful and quirky and keep items easily labelled for quick and easy retrieval. Birth certificates in one place, under one beautiful label. Tax documents in another, beautifully labelled also. Bank statements in a third spot, with their own wonderful label.


So there you go. Five ways that labels prove to be more than just a sticky way to let people know your name and address. They’re a platform for you to easily use and distribute – whether that’s with inspiring and motivating quotes or messages or fun embroidered patches. They seek to make life easier for you, organising things easily and letting you know what’s in them without you having to look. They save time, they make boring stuff fun. Are you ready to embrace a label lifestyle? C’mon, we know you want to…


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