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4 Awesome Snack Ideas to Get Kids to Eat Their Fruit & Veggies

Snack Ideas of fruit & Veggies

Let’s be honest, most children don’t get too excited over the thought of chomping down on some nutritious fruits and vegetables. While sugary fruits tend to be a little easier to eat for kids (who can resist grapes and watermelon?), it’s veggies that tend to be tricky. From picky eaters to kids who plain don’t want to eat healthy foods, the struggle for parents is real. The good thing is, however, that kids are kids. They’re not that smart. Package a fruit and veg snack into something pretty and fun to eat, and they’ll be all over it.


If your kids are prone to moaning when you pull out the 5-a-day argument, try some of these fun snack ideas to make eating fruits and veg fun again. They’re tasty and simple, and who’s to say you can’t pack some for lunch yourself?


  • All veg nachos

Everyone loves nachos, that’s a fact. Replace the corn chips with veg, and who’s to know the difference? Nachos are nachos, and they’ll always be fun and tasty to eat. This easy recipe for all veg nachos has you replacing the nachos with capsicum sliced into triangular shapes, and topped with diced cucumber, tomato, and cheese. Add a lime and sour cream drizzle and you’ve got yourself the tastiest veggie snack the kids have ever seen.


  • Veggie ice blocks

How’s this for a sneaky healthy snack? Kids can’t resist an ice block on a hot day, and maybe even on a non-hot day too, and this is a great way to have them getting their dose of nutrition without even knowing it! Juice some fruits and veg, pour them into an ice block mould, and freeze. There you have it – delicious, nutritious frozen fruit & veg. You can find some awesome recipes here, we love the sound of orange/carrot/mango and the berry/red veggie. Yummo!


  • Veggies & hommus/apples & peanut butter

The best way to eat things you don’t like? Hide the flavour. Everybody loves hommus, and an easy way to get kids to eat some unsavoury veggies like celery is by heaping on a lot of nutritious hommus on top to mask the taste. Slice celery, carrots, capsicums, and whatever else you like into stick shapes and have the kids dip them into hommus. You can also reverse the flavours and go for a fruity dessert of sliced apples and peanut butter. Also a delicious and healthy combo!


  • Fruit & veg kebabs

Like we said, make eating something fun and the kids will down it. The idea here is to present something a little out of the ordinary to pique the interest of your children, and there’s nothing crazier than fruit and veg on a skewer. Skewers are meant for meat! Kids will love it, trust us. Dice some apples, oranges, kiwi, or veggies like capsicum, celery, lettuce, and whatever else you’d like your kids to eat, and serve them on a skewer like kebabs. Fun and nutritious!