13 Must Have Items In Case of Emergency

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Having an emergency kit supplies ready and on hand for emergencies is a good idea. Priority will cover the basics for survival: water, food, warmth.

Storms, fires, earthquakes, and power outages all have the power to interfere with your life. You can not stop an emergency happens, but you can collect all the things you’ll need to be prepared should a crisis arise.

If you have a closet or basement storage area in need of attention mess, your home improvement project can serve a dual purpose. Remove trash, add inexpensive shelves, and share them with emergency provisions. Add tight-sealing storage containers to protect your food from water and contaminants. In a short time, you will have a home emergency resource center which will make survival every proud.


Disaster occurred. Use this list To Be Prepared.


1. Water

CDC water credit with body temperature regulation, waste elimination, and more. Even if you have a reliable water system, storm, animals, and bacteria can contaminate your supply. Water in a bottle or bag is an easy fix to the problem of water potability. You should also keep water purification tablets to treat water from questionable sources.


2. Food

Even if a fire or storm does not damage your home, it may still contaminate your food. So you do not go hungry, stock up on cans or bags of fruits, vegetables, tuna, chicken, and other items. (SPAM could be a lifesaver) For a variation, add granola and protein bars, peanut butter, dried beans, rice, and beef jerky. Survivalists packaged food is another option. And do not forget the coffee and can openers.

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3. Household and Sanitary Papers

So do not forget to add toilet paper and paper towels for your list. Store them in a waterproof container.


4. Emergency Light Source

Fortunately, there are several alternatives for battery-operated flashlights. One cool flashlight has water-powered cells. Other available options let you a hand-crank flashlight. If you prefer the old-fashioned kind, do not forget the batteries.


5. Waterproof Matches

If the power is out, you still need to cook. That may mean firing the grill or bonfire. Either way, you’ll need a waterproof lighter or waterproof match. Both will be lit even if they get wet.


6. First aid

Minor cuts and abrasions can be a real pain. Be sure to keep an emergency kit to treat minor dings.


7. Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can keep a small emergency of catastrophic proportions. Keep one upstairs and downstairs to manage the fire is not so friendly before they burn out of control.


8. Extra Clothes

You never know how long the state of emergency will last. Store extra clothes in a waterproof container just in case.


9. Basic Tools

In a disaster movie, they never have the tools they need to do things like cut wood or bust open the locked door. Add some emergency tools for your savings: a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, and a small ax so you can cut wood for a bonfire. You may also want to add an extra set of house and car keys.


10. Private Document

The thing about emergencies is that you never know what might happen. Make a copy of the document (driver license, birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports) and store them in a waterproof container. You will have a backup copy if you lose the original.

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11. Pet Food and Supplies

It’s important to not forget pets during emergencies. Include a large freezer bag of dry pet food bowls and some plastic in your kit. In addition, you can include additional straps or carrier with your emergency kit.


12. Cash

If the electrical grid goes down, the credit card machine was not able to run and everyone will try to get to an ATM for cash. Keep an emergency fund of cash stored with your emergency kit and you will feel more comfortable.


13. Mobile Phone Charging Cable and an External Charger

If you are in a hurry, you might forget to take your charging cord. By having an extra one in your kit you do not have to worry about losing the ability of contact with family members or emergency response. An external portable charger is a bonus item in case of power outages or lack of resources. Be sure to fill them up first and pack their own charging cord.


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